Pagan community mourns loss of Jaime Johnson (1979-2017)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – One week ago, police performed a welfare check at the Towne Square condominiums in Windsor Oaks. Inside they found two people dead. One of the persons was Jaime Johnson, who had recently moved to Virginia, but was planning to move back to Minnesota. Police say she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself.

Pagans join Global Water Dance efforts

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn – Last Saturday the Global Water Dance was held in more than 90 locations around the world. In Minneapolis, local Witch Rae Eden Frank joined other artists and environmentalists to raise awareness about global and local water issues.​

To draw attention to what the Global Water Dance says is a water crisis, performers come together every other year to perform a four part performance. The first two parts are choreographed to showcase the importance of water as seen by the local community. The third section has performers from around he world performing the same movements while the fourth part has the audience joining the performers in simple movements. In Minneapolis, the event was held at the Stone Arch Bridge and included the audience participating in holding a long stretch of blue fabric spanning the bridge to represent the Mississippi River.