Column: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pagan Perspectives

Today’s column comes to us from Jaime Gironés, a long-time contributor to The Wild Hunt based in Mexico City. Jaime’s column was the first Pagan column to regularly be published in both Spanish and English, and led TWH to expand its team of international columnists to cover more of the world’s Pagan voices. También está disponible en español. The Wild Hunt always welcomes submissions for our weekend section. Please send queries or completed pieces to

Columna: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Pagan Perspectives

Nuestra columna periodista nuestro colaborador mensual, Jaime Gironés cituado la Ciudad de México, es la primera columna pagana que se publicó regularmente en español e inglés, y llevó a TWH a expandir su equipo de columnistas internacionales y expandir nuestras voces paganas al rededor del mundo. Today’s column is also available in English. The Wild Hunt siempre dará la bienvenida a escritos para nuestra sección de fin de semana. Por favor envíe sus preguntas o piezas completas a El tiempo cuando el velo entre los Mundos es más delgado y honramos nuestros ancestros acaba de pasar, estamos a casi un mes de las fiestas de invierno.

Column: the 15 Most Influential Pagans in Mexico

Pagan Perspectives

A few days ago, on his Patheos Pagan blog Raise the Horns, Jason Mankey published a list of the 25 people he considers as the most influential living Pagans, inspired by a 2004 post from The Wild Hunt. Mankey has said these lists do not serve any real purpose and are just for fun, but while these lists could never be final or one hundred percent objective, as they depend on the curator’s bias and experiences, they help readers gain an idea of who’s who in contemporary Paganism and the work they do. Mankey mentioned the criteria he used and acknowledged his limitations as an author when putting up the list together, including that the list is mainly made of Pagans from the United States and the United Kingdom. He suggested his readers contribute to the list, whether by directly commenting on his post, or indirectly anywhere on the internet. This could be a great start to a global conversation Pagans could have as an international community, sharing our thoughts about who we think has influenced Pagan society.

Columna: los 15 paganos más influyentes en México

Pagan Perspectives

Hace unos días Jason Mankey publicó en su canal Raise the Horns de Patheos Pagan una lista de 25 personas que considera como los paganos vivos más influyentes, inspirado por una publicación de The Wild Hunt del 2004. Mankey dijo que estas listas no sirven para un propósito real y que son por diversión. Sin embargo, no estoy de acuerdo. Para ser honesto, hay algunos nombres de su lista de los que no sabia antes de leerla. Aunque estas listas nunca podrían ser definitivas o cien por ciento objetivas, ya que dependen de la inclinación y experiencias del curador, creo que ayudan a los lectores a tener una idea de quién es quién y de su trabajo.

Pagan Community Notes: W.I.T.C.H, Iowa Pagan Pride, Circle Sanctuary and more

MEXICO CITY – An organization named W.I.T.C.H. CDMX is hosting a public action in Mexico City, March 17. The event’s reported purpose is to bring women together to toss off the strains of oppression, abuse, and harassment. As written on the Facebook event page, “WITCH summons all our sisters to a night of spells, to the contemplation of fire,” and “to free ourselves, strengthen us and altar, in a symbolic act, reality.”  The scheduled action has been named Icendario and is being a labeled a “revolution.” W.I.T.C.H. reports that it is a nonprofit organization that is interested in art, magic, feminism, disruption. It appears to be taking its cue from the 1969 organization of the same name, and the more recent incarnation in Chicago.