Ásatrú and the Inevitability of Technology

I know I’m in a tiny minority, but – as a practitioner of a tiny minority religion – I’m used to caring about things that are way outside the mainstream of our cultural discourse. And I wonder what we practitioners can offer during this cultural moment in which the majority of us are passively experiencing a major paradigm shift, in which most of us are just unquestioningly along for the ride.

For All Time, Always

“I have been a hard polytheist for a long time, sure that the gods are people with their own motivations and machinations. Somehow, I had never expected them to have feelings – or at least, not ones that I could hurt.” Luke Babb on Marvel’s Loki – and the real one.


I use models for what is “old enough” to consider seriously in my practice based on instinct and a vague understanding of the world “historiography,” picking up and discarding things from 1000, 1300, or 1800 as either “older than anything else I’ve found” or “too new” – all while the modern Witchcraft movement can be meaningfully traced to the 1940s.