Cybercovenry uses new technology to explore old ways

TWH – Cyberspace. Janus-like, Techno-Paganism has one face looking forward toward cyberspace. Its other face looks backward toward ancient, intact Pagan cultures, as with many other Pagan approaches. Recently The Wild Hunt spoke with Maat of the JaguarMoon, a teaching and working coven, about Techno-Paganism. She also writes for the website

Pagan Community Notes: Florida Pagan Gathering, Cherry Hill Seminary, JaguarMoon coven, and more

FLORIDA —  Florida Pagan Gathering has been rescheduled again and will be held during the original dates, Nov. 7-11. As previously reported, the Florida board of directors of the Temple of Earth Gatherings had moved the dates of their popular Samhain Florida Pagan Gathering to Oct. 31 through Nov. 4 due to an unexpected need to relocate the festival.