Heathen Men United is formed to combat misogyny

TWH — Sex, gender, and race issues are churning among Heathens. For example, Declaration 127 was published at Huginn’s Heathen Hof as a denouncment of bigotry seen as the official position of the Asatru Folkish Assembly. The formation of Heathen Women United occurred in early 2017. That summer, the Twitter hashtag #HavamalWitches began to appear in social media. Most recently, late last month Heathen Men United was formed in response to misogyny and toxic masculinity; we turned to its organizers to learn more.

Column: An International Conference for Inclusive Heathenry

From Oct. 5 through 8, Frith Forge 2017 will be held in Petzow, Germany. Organized by the Troth’s International Relations and Exchange Program, the event is designed as “an international conference among inclusive Asatru/Heathen organizations and individuals.”

According to the official website for the October conference,
Frith Forge is the space and time on an international level to build alliances, understanding, and friendships among us instead of compartmentalizing further in an industrialized world. Let’s learn from each other with respect and fellowship to forge frith [Old Norse “peace”] among us. Together we can enjoy this opportunity to discuss inclusion in religion and to promote cultural, religious, and educational exchange.