2017 Wild Hunt retrospective

TWH – Now that the season has turned and we are nearing the end of the 2017, we look back, one last time, to review this historic year. What happened? What didn’t happen? What events shaped our thoughts and guided our actions? In our collective worlds, both big and small, what were the major discussions?

Grandmother Elspeth, “Crone on the Road”

DARLINGTON, Md. — Beneath a tree at Ramblewood, Grandmother Elspeth regales a cluster of students with her stories and philosophy. While she did not discover Paganism until middle age, she’s been living a Pagan life for 46 years, more than half of her existence, and has touched countless others with her rituals, stories, books, and outspoken attitude. Elspeth Odbert, better known as Grandmother Elspeth, has been traveling to different Pagan festivals and conferences for decades. In recent years her longtime partner Nybor has curtailed his own travel for health reasons, but many a Pagan will still say “Elspeth and Nybor” as if it’s a single word.