Pagan Community Notes: Vlassis Rassias, U.K. Morris Dancers protest, NZ AFA and more!

ASTORIA, New York – The Hellenic Council YSEE of America announced on Facebook the passing of co-founder and General Secretary of the Supreme Council of ethnic Hellenes (YSEE) Vlassis Rassias. Rassias was also one of the founders of the European Council of Ethnic Religions (ECER), and was part of the panel, “Reclaiming the Indigenous Ethnic Religions of Europe,” with Inija Trinkūnienė of Lithuania, and Andras Corban-Arthen, at last year’s Parliament of the World’s Religion. A number of remembrances appear on the ECER website. Rassias led the movement of re-Hellenization in Greece for the past 30 years. He authored over 20 books, numerous articles, and gave hundreds of presentations and interviews.