Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity sparks debate

TWH – The dramatic shift of New Age mogul Doreen Virtue toward Christianity and away from many of her previous teachings on the use of tarot and channeling has some of her former followers crying foul. While some feel personally abandoned at losing their spiritual mother, others say it’s her responsibilities as a teacher that she has failed to uphold. “There’s been a feeling of, I don’t even know, a feeling of sadness, of loss and grief, and…the word betrayal kind of came to my mind,” Andrew Barker says in a tearful video posted to YouTube. Barkers says, “Doreen Virtue has played a really big part in my life and…she has been such a spiritual parent to me guiding me helping me and teaching me a lot of the things I need to know to help other people. There’s a certain fear that comes with everything she’s done because all of the classes I’ve taken from her, and I’ve given Hay House and Earth Angel a lot of money.