2017 Wild Hunt retrospective

TWH – Now that the season has turned and we are nearing the end of the 2017, we look back, one last time, to review this historic year. What happened? What didn’t happen? What events shaped our thoughts and guided our actions? In our collective worlds, both big and small, what were the major discussions?

Wiccan man files lawsuit claiming religious discrimination

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – A Pennsylvania Wiccan alleges he was fired by Health + Hospitals Corporation (HHC) from his custodial job due to religious discrimination. In a lawsuit filed May 22, Carl DeLuca says coworkers and supervisors harassed him for over two years for being what they called a “Satanist and terrorist.” Then, in February 2016, he was terminated from his job. In an interview, DeLuca told The Wild Hunt that he had been harassed over his religion since shortly after starting the job in 2014. Examples of this harassment are outlined in the lawsuit. They include the head of security telling DeLuca to remove his Greenman pendant, although Christian and Jewish employees are allowed to wear symbols of their faith.