Pagan Community Notes: Druid ritual, Gods & Radicals, Stan Newcombe, Memorial for Las Vegas victims and more

ATHENS, Tenn. – The Wayist Druid public Samhain ritual was successful despite threats of mass protest and violence. Due to threats the week before, the city posted warning notices to citizens that stated that it was illegal to disturb or interfere with any person or event that had been giving a permit. According to ritual host Archdruid Angela Wilson, Saturday’s event attracted more than 250 people. She said, “I want to personally thank everyone for coming yesterday it was a beautiful thing.”

Pagan Community Notes: Rev. Selena Fox impersonated again, Dr. Candace Kant, The Pagans and more.

TWH – It is currently being reported that the Facebook-based phishing scam involving Rev. Selena Fox’ name has not stopped.  Over the weekend, people began receiving Facebook messages from the someone pretending to be Rev. Fox and asking for personal information. We confirmed with Fox that she is once again being impersonated over the popular social media site. She said, “I am not sending out messages connected with Trust Community Foundation … this is a scam.” She changed her own photo to the one at the left.

Book Review: Voices of the Sacred Feminine

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In September 2014, Emma Watson stood before the UN and delivered a speech that inspired and touched many.

Talking About Paganism

Nevada Public Radio KNPR has posted an interview with modern Pagans Margot Adler, NPR reporter and author of “Drawing Down the Moon”, and Candace Kant, professor of history at the College of Southern Nevada, talking about modern Paganism and Wicca.”NPR’s Margot Adler and CSN Professor Candace Kant join us to discuss paganism and the Wiccan culture in this region. That’s Tuesday at 9 am and 7 pm on KNPR’s State of Nevada, News 88.9, KNPR.”You can download the show, here. Topics include how Paganism spreads, what modern Pagans believe, and the mainstreaming of Pagan faiths. For more from Margot Adler, check out my interview with her from last year.