Pagan Community Notes: Summerland Spirit Festival, protests continue, Mystic South and more

CLAYTON, Wis. — The popular Minnesota camping event Summerland Spirit Festival has been cancelled for 2018. According to the event website, the organization has lost its venue. Since its maiden voyage in 2011, Summerland Spirit Festival has been held at Turtle Creek Glen in Clayton, Wisconsin. While that first festival was a stormy one, Summerland has grown to become a popular destination on the Pagan festival circuit, attracting recognizable speakers and performers.

Canada 150 sparks celebrations and protests

CANADA – July 1, 2017 marked a significant anniversary for the country. This date, known as the statutory holiday of “Canada Day” was special this year. as it has been 150 years since the first four provinces came together to create Canada in 1867. Other provinces and territories followed the initial four, and by 1949, the country looked much like it does today. The most recent change to the map came when the Northwest Territories were divided, and the new territory of Nunavut was created in 1999.