Pagan Community Notes:, Greening of Religion, Mountain Magic, and more!

DEVENTER, Netherlands — The online resource, a repository of information about Hellenic myth and practice derived from ancient sources, will be sold rather than shut down. That’s according to site creator and owner Aaron Atsma, who reports getting a considerable amount of email when he briefly announced its closure or sale via a banner on the site. Atsma intends on selling the site through a broker later in the year. “People have been emailing me directly about the sale of the site over the last week which has caught me a bit off guard. Most boil down to, ‘I might be interested, how much?'” he wrote.

Pagan Community Notes: Michigan Pagan Scholarship, Lois Bourne, Wendy Rule, and more

DETROIT, Mich. — Applications are now being accepted for the Michigan Pagan Scholarship. The annual contest awards a $500 amount to a “Pagan high school senior, at least 17 years of age, enrolling in a two/four-year degree, or a current full-time college or university student who resides in state of Michigan.” The student must have a GPA of 2.8 or above. All funding for the scholarship comes from the local community, both organizations and individuals.

Black moon, what?

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