Trader in illegal animal parts prosecuted

INVERNESS, Scotland — Gordon Taylor, the owner of an online business called Wild Wizard Crafts, has been prosecuted following a raid on his home. Taylor, known in the Pagan community as Kai Seidr, had posted animal parts parts for sale, including owl heads in jars, a pendant made from the foot of a tawny owl, and other items, directed at the Pagan and shamanic market. Seidr admitted to trading in parts from protected species and was given a £750 fine. Assistant prosecutor Laura Buchan is quoted as saying, “I welcome today’s sentence and the message it sends to anyone involved in this illegal market. The existence of such a market drives persecution of these protected species.

Salem Witch locked up over dog in car

SALEM, Mass. — Lorelei Stathopolous sees her role as an animal-rights activist as a natural extension of being a Witch. “I defend the defenseless,” she said, and in particular she tries to protect dogs as a way to honor the two dogs hanged here in 1692, during the infamous witch trials. Acting in accordance with her beliefs is what she was doing Aug. 14, when she responded to a call about a dog in a hot car.

Editorial: Teach the Change

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While here at the Parliament for the World’s Religions, I have heard discussed the many, many problems that currently plague our world, from climate change to social injustice; from economic inequities to violence against women. While the will to fix these problems is certainly sincere and needed, the solutions are often just out of reach.