A Tale of Two Markets

Back in June, policy changes at Etsy left many metaphysical vendors either unable to sell their services, or having to do so using disclaimers that they felt undermined the value of their work. Today, we highlight what’s been going on with two sites that were launched to fill a need created by the Etsy policy decision: The Pagan Market and Amaranth Marketplace. Musician and web developer Blake Carpenter launched The Pagan Market: A Community of Shops Offering Magickal Supplies soon after he heard the hue and cry from Pagans who found their online businesses threatened by the new Etsy rules. Carptenter put up the site in very short order, as web development goes. It went live in June, the same month that the Etsy shop closures were first reported.

Pagan Community Notes: Taylor Ellwood’s Open Letter, The Pagan Marketplace, The Golden Dawn and more!

Publisher and author Taylor Ellwood has posted two open letters to Pagan convention organizers asking for, at least, partial expense compensation. In the first open letter, he writes, “In my pursuit of self-respect, one of the realizations I’ve been having is that how I allow my work and myself to be treated professionally is indicative of the respect I’m giving to myself. And if I don’t set standards and boundaries for that treatment then I’ll get walked all over.” Ellwood goes on to say that he will no longer present at conferences with the exception of three already scheduled in 2016. He argues that his presence as a guest helps bring people to the conference, and that the promised exposure received in return doesn’t pay his bills.

Pagan Community Notes: Raymond Buckland Recovers, Covenant of the Goddess at 40, Sarah Avery Wins and more!

It was announced on Aug. 4 that author Raymond Buckland had suffered a “large heart attack” and was battling pneumonia.The brief announcement explained, “[Buckland] was life-flighted to a main hospital [where] he was in incubation for three days.” He also developed a case of pneumonia. After a week long stay in the hospital, Buckland was able to return to his home and is reportedly getting stronger every day. His spirits are up and his strength is returning as he fights off the illness.