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Wild Hunt Inc. news and announcements: 

August 23, 2016 – From the The Wild Hunt Editorial Team:

The Wild Hunt is first and foremost a news agency with nonprofit status through our fiscal sponsor serving Pagan, Heathen and polytheist communities worldwide. Our team of journalists are fully committed to striving for accurate and unbiased professional reporting on events regardless of where or to whom it takes them.

This is our mission: to inform, to educate, and to share.

With that said, The Wild Hunt, Inc. recognizes and supports the diversity found within the many communities that we serve. Our commitment to protecting that diversity within our own organization and our product is clearly outlined in Wild Hunt policy, and we adhere to it without fail.  A copy of our organizational diversity policy is accessible here

Part of a deep commitment to free expression is necessarily a deep commitment to diversity of voice. That ideal will remain at the heart of The Wild Hunt.

However, it is also the prerogative of our editorial team to refuse to give platform to supremacists or extremist ideologies that represent a clear danger to our community as a whole. 

  *    *    *

April 14, 2016 – Since the start of 2016, The Wild Hunt Inc has welcomed several new writers to our growing news team. Joining our Around the World team in February was Australian blogger Inga Leonora Westerberg. Her work focuses on Pagan life and practice in Australia, and will appear every three months. Then, in March, we welcomed writer Karl Seigfried of the Norse Mythology Blog. Along with discussing Heathenry and Norse-based religions, Seigfried’s monthly column will concern itself with a number of issues surrounding the practice of minority religions in the United States. Finally, we also welcome writer and filmmaker Dodie Graham Mckay to our weekly news team. Previously, Dodie was a member of the Around the World team, representing Canada. This month, she begins her work as a regular news correspondent and journalist, focusing on both Canadian and world news.

*    *    *

June 15, 2015 – After eleven years of service, The Wild Hunt has officially become The Wild Hunt Inc. Still an independent media agency funded 100% by its readers, The Wild Hunt, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Georgia with non-profit status through our California-based fiscal sponsor, Independent Arts & Media. This new status will allow us to grow and expand to better cover and share the stories and news coming out of our collective communities worldwide.

*    *    *

March 14, 2015 – The Wild Hunt will be leaving the Pantheon Foundation to make another big step forward in its continued evolution. In April, we will begin taking the preliminary steps needed toward becoming our own independent registered nonprofit. We thank the Pantheon Foundation for its time and dedication in helping us achieve this goal, and for supplying us with the needed strength to stand on our own. In addition, we say goodbye to columnist Sam Webster. For the last year, he has shared his writing and work with our readers. We thank him for his contributions and wish him luck in any future projects and pursuits. Starting in April, readers will find Webster’s work on Patheos’ Pagan Channel.