Pagan Community Notes: Week of May 16, 2024

Doomsday Blue Cover Art- Bambie Thug

TWH – In last week’s Pagan Community Notes, we reported that Irish non-binary singer-songwriter Bambie Thug would be competing in Eurovision. Thug has been described as “Goth Gaga.”  They are a member of our community noting they practice Witchcraft specializing in sigil and manifestation magic.  Bambie Thus has said that Witchcraft heavily influences their music, with several songs incorporating spells and hexes including their own sigils, one of which serves as their official logo.

Thug’s music is an eclectic blend of musical genres. They coined the term “Ouija-pop” and their song, “Doomsday Blue,” entered the Eurovision completion.  The song features “spells” and mentions Hoodooo and a hex placed on an individual.

BBC’s Music correspondent, Mark Savage, wrote about Thug and the song, “Fittingly, their song, Doomsday Blue, is about having your potential overlooked, and the marginalisation of the queer community. It’s an acquired taste, but is the boldest song on this year’s line-up.”

Graham Norton warned adults that their children might be scared, commenting “I’m not a parent, but I might warn you that younger kids, I mean seriously, might find this next performance a little bit frightening. Bambie Thug, such a great performer and Ireland have done a very good job of production this year and this is tipped to do extremely well.”

Ed Power, writer for The Irish Times, wrote that Doomsday Blue is “a thrilling throwback to Ireland’s pre-Christian heritage”.

On Patrick Kielty’s Late Late Show in February, Thug said  “I pioneer our ancient Ireland, we were a pagan country before anything, I find it fascinating our history and I love the aesthetics of witchcraft, I love the essence, I love the message of it, it’s your own religion, it’s a personal freedom.”


Previously Thug also explained “Witchcraft is the only religion where there’s no rules. You decide absolutely everything. It’s a religion worshipping yourself.”

Thug did not win, placing 10th in the song contest.

But their performance was too much for Christian conservatives and the pearl-clutching swept the internet and their media.

Chad Davidson from Good Fight Ministries referred to the performance and the song as “The MOST DEMONIC Performance You Will Ever See!” The commentary included a long diatribe inappropriately misgendering Thug and noting the performance started inside a pentagram and “and ended with a sign stating ‘Crown the Witch.'”

There was more including the shock that Thug “cast a death spell from Harry Potter on the audience.”  One commentator was specifically applauded when Thug screamed “I am a Queer Witch!”

Tony Wilson wrote in UK’s Christianity magazine “Anyone who has witnessed demonic forces destroying the lives of individuals will need no convincing that this is harmful and dangerous. We should all be concerned when the occult is normalised.”

Wilson added “I don’t want to be the self-righteous prig who calls people to fall in line. I’m not that person. I know only too well that I also need saving from the mess I so often make. But I want to say that Eurovision is not a formula for human flourishing. Let’s do our best to shine a light where there is currently only darkness.”

The disrespect of Thug’s preferred pronouns continued in other sources like the Anglican Mainstream and The Christian Institute, as did the shock.

Former Boyzone star Shane Lynch has been busy on Instagram sharing his views on Thug (also ignoring pronouns) and their “pretty demonic stuff.”  The 47-year-old singer, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, has also recently criticized artists like Taylor Swift for incorporating “Satanic rituals” into their performances.

On X, formerly Twitter, “This is literally demonic” was circulated by multiple accounts citing the song as the beginning of a holy war.

Thug has commented they would like to see “everyone to take up Witchcraft.”

Sounds like a plan.

On to more music…


Faun released a new video last week.  The German band is known for its unique blend of medieval, pagan folk, and darkwave music. Formed in 1998, the group combines ancient instruments with modern sounds to create a mystical and ethereal auditory experience. Their music often draws on themes from religion, nature, and ancient history.

They wrote, “Blót” is an old Norse word meaning “sacrifice”. “Blóts“ were held to create a balance between “giving” and “taking”. For this song FAUN has set very old texts to music such as the “Heimskringla” from the 13th century and the “Strassburger Blutsegen” from the 11th century.”

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Tarot of the Week by Star Bustamonte

Deck: The Field Tarot, by Hannah Elizabeth Fofana, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Card: Queen of Disks – Nurture

This week there may be a marked emphasis on balancing self-care with caring for others. A full range of self-care–emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually—are indicated. There is also an underlying influence on kindness, guidance, and mentorship, as part of being in service to others that is likely to figure prominently.

Conversely, allowing the needs of others to take precedence while ignoring one’s own needs is liable to result in feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Depleting personal resources has the potential to undermine being able to help others, as well as the self.

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