Pagan Community Notes: Week of November 1, 2021

LEHIGHTON, Penn. – Distelfink Sippschaft will hold a hybrid, in-person and virtual event that will begin with a ritual to Ewicher Yeeger, (the Eternal Hunter, Holler, and considered the personification of Death) and to his brother, Der Schlumm, who is a god associated with sleep and altered states.

Part of the ritual will involve a consecration of memorial stones, one for Sarah Lyter and one for Colin Meager, and a re-consecration of two other stones for Dan Riegel and Cherie Perez that have been reworked. The ritual will also include a segment dedicated to recognizing losses and deaths in the cycle.

The event will also encompass the Troth Clergy ordination of Robert L. Schreiwer and be conducted by Troth clergy members, Diana Paxson, Su Eaves, and Maire Durkan.

A memorial for the passing of Stephen Scott Grundy, who wrote and published under the name Kvelduff Gundarsson will be conducted to recognize his many accomplishments and contributions to Heathenry and the Troth, as well as his support of the Urglaawe tradition.

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ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – The Commons Of Modern Pagans And Spiritual Seekers (COMPASS) announced it has incorporated and become a non-profit organization.

They list their mission statement as:

“COMPASS fosters and sustains diverse spiritual and religious education, a shared space of communion and safety for all pagan experiences, beliefs, and practices, and provides avenues for spiritual and religious exploration.”

And also offer a “vision statement:”

“COMPASS, holds that Pagan spiritual and religious practices contribute positively to the diverse, vibrant spiritual needs of humanity.

COMPASS provides access to conferences, classes, online events, virtual and in-person shared spaces, archives, interfaith and intra-faith activities, and other resources that are held in common by our pagan communities. As an umbrella organization, COMPASS provides to like-minded organizations access to resources unique to COMPASS.”

Currently, the board of directors consists of Jeffrey Albaugh, Lead Coordinator; Lilith Pearson Secretary/Treasurer; Herleena Hunt, Community Liaison; Julie Lovejoy, Board Member; Murtagh AnDoile, Board Member, and M. Macha NightMare as Advisor/Ambassador.


Crossings of the Veil

Sabrina Underwood, The Ink Witch – July 18, 1959 – October 15, 2021

Born in Blount County, Tennessee to Joyce Cate and Ray Husky. Sabrina began drawing at the age of three, shortly after the death of her father. From a young age, Sabrina offered the world a wealth of talent and an open door to all.

While she will always be remembered for her amazing, old-world style of artwork, in her early years she was also a ballerina as a child and a skillful tennis player in her teens. Her artwork earned her a spot at Carson-Newman College, where she was crowned Miss Carson-Newman, which would make her blush even mentioning, but it should be known that her beauty, inside and out, left people spellbound. After graduating, she also studied art at NYU where she fully developed her now very recognizable and unique old-world style.

Her distinctive style of artwork graced the pages of hundreds of magazines and publications around the globe, and she published Book of Shadows: Fill the Pages and Bring it to Life… (2004), The Grimoire: Fill The Pages, Bring it to Life… (2007), Dark Fairy Journal (2008), and did the illustrations for Witch In The Neighborhood (2012) by Lady Isis Rose. 

She also illustrated the cover for the re-release of Dorothy Morrison’s Utterly Wicked (2020).

Sabrina was raised in a household that adhered to a strict Methodist belief system, which she left behind when she left home. After years of eschewing any religious beliefs, she discovered Paganism and trained In Eclectic Wicca with Luis Medina.

In 2014 she met her life partner, Tina Hodges, and together they opened the store Enchantations, an eclectic multi-path metaphysical supply store and gift shop in Campbell, California. There was an outpouring of remembrances on the Enchantations Facebook page and many also visited the store did so to express in person their sorrow and stories of her.

Sabrina is survived by her partner, Tina Hodges, and her three daughters, Kara Wilson, Katheryn Cover, and Kendra Underwood that she had with her former husband, James Underwood.

Kendra Underwood supplied many of the details of her mother’s life for this remembrance. What is remembered, lives!

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Michael “Mykey” Harris – January 23, 1942 – October 30, 2021

Harris of Santa Cruz passed away on the eve of Samhain at the age of 79 after a short battle with cancer.

Beloved in the Bay Area, was known for his kindness, generosity, and killer fashion sense. According to public opinion, the most dapper man at PantheaCon every year was Michael Harris.

He was one of the founders of Community Seed, an open Pagan circle in Santa Cruz.

Michael was a longtime practitioner of the Craft and a talented magician. He began his magickal journey in the early 1970s, and in addition to his work with Community Seed, he was an initiate in the Gardnerian tradition. A military veteran, Michael served in the Marine Corps.

He is survived by his beloved wife of more than forty years Margie Harris.

Remembrance provided by Jason Mankey.
What is remembered, Lives!

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Mark Wayne Dooley – March 8, 1954 – October 28, 2021

Dooley passed away last Thursday due to complications of COPD and cardiac issues.

Dooley had a  great love for nature and the land and identified his spiritual path as being one that was in harmony with the natural world. His dream for years was been to buy up lots and plant edible perma-gardens and food forests for foraging hunter/gatherers.

According to his wife of fourteen years, Kate Dooley, “His idea of death was that it is a transition — nothing more than walking through a doorway into the life on the other side — with which he was well acquainted.”

Dooley also loved playing and writing music. He often performed on the ukulele with his wife on his YouTube channel.

Many of the remembrances posted on his Facebook wall cited his kindness, generosity, and gentleness. Kate suggests that those who wish to honor his memory plant an edible plant in his name.

Since Dooley was not fond of funeral homes or funerals, there will only be a memorial held in the future at a time and date yet to be decided.

What is remembered, Lives!

In other news:

    • The Temple of Hestia reported that their Pagans In Need program took in over $700 in donations for their food pantry and collected enough food donations to fill four, 18-gallon tote bins. Pagans In Need seeks to “lead our community to ensure that anyone who needs a healthy meal can get one.” What started as a program to provide food for coven members and within the community has expanded to distribute food in three separate locations in central and southeast Michigan, supplying food to anyone who needs it, regardless of their faith, religion, or creed.

    • Wednesday with Witches, hosted by Covenant of the Goddess will discuss self-care this week. The event is virtual via Zoom on Nov 3, 2021, at 5:30 PM Pacific Time. They list the focus of the session as “For the past couple of years we have gone through Covid, severe weather changes, and major changes both personally and professionally. Let’s take time to discuss self-care to prepare for the coming holidays.” Registration in advance is required to attend the event.

    • Cherry Hill Seminary will be offering a course taught by Liz Watkin, M.A. titled Raising Pagan that will explore and discuss the importance of raising young people in Pagan traditions and share ideas, activities and rituals that will create a sense of sacredness in our family lives. The course begins on November 8 and runs through December 5 on Wednesdays at 7:oo PM EST.

    Positively Noteworthy

    Faun released a new video in late October titled, Halloween, which is filled with Pagan imagery and reflects the signature ethereal sound of the band.

    The opening lyrics of the song seek to capture the essence of the season:

    Spirits haunt these magic hours
    Dwelling in the sylvan bowers
    In the trees
    Is a ghostly breeze

    Light a candle for the dead
    With sprigs of fir do warm their bed
    And in songs
    Bless the ancient ones

    Halloween – in moonlight we gather
    Halloween – to join with the unseen
    Halloween – calling the spirits
    Who come forth on Halloween

    In a separate video, the band outlines the making of the video and explains the ritual aspect depicted. “Every winter is a little death, so to speak, and this ritual helps to grant a good passage through this dark time,” said band member Oliver Pade.

    Halloween is the first song to be released under their own label, Pagan Folk Records in partnership with Believe. This first release will be part of the full-length album titled, Pagan scheduled to be released in April of 2022. The band had to postpone its tour dates for Europe due to pandemic concerns and has issued new dates for 2022 and 2023.

    The video of Halloween was shot at the performance art theatre, Bogenwald in Wagenfeld, Germany. It was produced, directed, and edited by Matteo vDiva Fabbiani and Chiara Cerami for VDPictures, with costuming done by Louis Fleischauer of AMF Korsets.

    Tarot of the week by Star Bustamonte

    Deck: Santa Muerte Tarot: Book of the Dead, by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo.

    Card: Major arcana (XV), Devil

    This week may offer unexpected connections and potentially good news, with a focus on independence and self-management.

    Conversely, failure to act or delaying decision-making could result in the creation of new problems.


    Decks generously provided by Asheville Pagan Supply.

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