Pagan Community Notes: New Black Pagan publisher, Desperate House Witches team-up, new book by TWH’s Liz Williams, and more!

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MOBILE, Ala. – Queen Co.Meadows announced earlier this month the launch of her new, Black-owned publishing company, Conjure South Publications.

An announcement on their website lists the date of founding as June 6, 2020, and purports to be “The world’s first Black-owned traditional spiritual, healing & metaphysical publication company. Providing  authentic and traditional literature written by the descendants and community of the spiritual practice you seek.”

Her company joins the growing list of Black publishing companies both in the U.S. and around the globe. The African American Literature Book Club has a list of 149 Black-owned publishers on their website, with more under review and pending being added to the list.

Conjure South Publications has four book titles scheduled for release on August 8, 2020, with pre-orders being accepted beginning July 6:

  • Queen of Spades: African American Conjure & Divination by Queen Co.Meadows
  • Mama’s Mojo: A Mother’s Guide to Hoodoo & Rootwork  by Mama Baderinwa Rolland & Queen Co.Meadows
  • Magia Magia: Invoking Mexican Magic by Alexis A. Arredondo & Eric J. Labrado
  • Heaven’s And High Magick : Introduction To Astrology & Ceremonial High Magick by High Magic Leader, Arson McLean
  • Queen Co.Meadows also operates the Conjure South Hoodoo Institute, and the Conjure South shop.


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TWH – A Facebook page created in May of 2020, Darksome Moon: An All Paths Pagan Community is planning to launch a new website that is geared towards filling the void left when The Witches’ Voice Inc. took down their website, Witchvox, earlier this year.

The posts on their Facebook page indicate plans to be  “A Pagan community space for connecting groups, seekers and resources” offering listings for Pagan groups around the world, shops in all 50 U.S. states, blog articles on a variety of Pagan topics, resources for seekers, podcasts, art, music, and poetry, and event information.

Their posts indicate that similar to The Witches’ Voice, Inc., it will be a free site, and their page is listed as a non-profit organization.

They also have a number of separate private groups for events in various regions of the U.S., as well as one for online events and workshops, and an all-inclusive parenting group.

TWH reached out to the page administrators for more information, who issued the following statement,

“This website will launch on July 15. Darksome Moon will serve as a pagan community space which connects seekers, groups and resources, as well as looks to support pagan makers, creative and shop owners. We hope to provide this resource in a sustainable way, which will include community involvement and collaboration, and we will work to preserve this resource for generations to come. The website will feature group listings for Pagan groups around the globe, Pagan shops, Pagan artists, musicians, and poets, and a blog on various Pagan topics, which will be updated frequently.

Our mission statement is: To provide spaces for the pagan community to connect, support, celebrate and collaborate with one another.”

They also stated that there is “a team of pagans working together on this project.” And that the web designer and creator of the site is Aeowyn Riverwood.

We will continue to follow their progress.


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TWH – Desperate House Witches (DHW) and The Wild Hunt are teaming up to provide a new monthly broadcast that will recap and offer commentary on news stories and politics that impact the Pagan community.

The new broadcast is titled The 4:15. It will air the first Thursday of every month on BlogTalk Radio, beginning at 4:15 pm EDT, and will be hosted by Raina Starr and TWH news editor, Star Bustamonte.

July 2 will be the premiere episode and will include discussion about Facebook’s recent ad policy in response to major advertisers pulling their ads, a new Black Publishing company, Conjure South Publications, and more!


In other news:

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Tarot of the week by Star Bustamonte

Deck: The Linestrider Deck by Siolo Thompson, published by Llewellyn Publications.

Card: Major arcana, (14), Temperance

This week calls for finding and maintaining the balance point and avoiding extremes. Conversely, the potential for conflict is high if no balance or moderation can be found, leading to stress that can manifest in a number of ways.

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