A familiar response to the pandemic

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TWH  –  We asked Witches, Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists to discuss the pandemic situation with their familiars and fur babies just to make sure that everyone stays informed about the situation. The cats and occasional dog listened intently to the information shared by their human servants because they understand we lead very busy lives in order to maintain their standard of living.

Moreover, they had been wondering why we were spending so much time in their residence while pacing and yelling at the television somewhat more than usual. For the most part, our feline friends and familiars reported that our behavior did occasionally intrude on their meditations but that most of us were still listed on their “most favored and tolerated” status.

Manny Tejeda-Moreno informed several of his friends. He started with Duplicita and Io, telling them about the situation.

Duplicita (foreground) and Io


They responded by stirring slightly in solidarity. It was a warm sunny day after-all. Clio reflected on the information for a few minutes. Then, she and Terpsichore reacted with somewhat more alarm, though all things being equal the latter is prone to fits of movement and chaotic dance. They ran together. However, neither appeared to have carefully thought through their safe room.

Clio (left) and Terpsichore in a chimenea.


Stef informed Beaulah Allseeing who quickly assessed the situation and was both undisturbed and undeterred in her guardian commitment.

Beulah guarding


Kasha, First Officer of Everglades Moon Local Council, told Ms. Josie Sassypants Dangercat also known as Ms. Supreme Josie Sassypants Dangercat about the seriousness of the situation including that they might be seeing each other much more often.

Ms. Josie Sassypants Dangercat


Josie was “ok,” though there was an uncertain sarcasm to the assurance.

Star Bustamonte’s overlords were interrupted while clearly operating as some version of a triumvirate of terror.

Asha, Quinn, and Amelia practicing some unforsaken ritual


While later when the full impact of having both humans home without cease began to sink in, Quinn began to feel a certain level of anxiety that disrupted her fairy tale reading.



Meanwhile, Asha sought Divine guidance from a peer.

Asha consulting with Athena


Amberina Lunatica informed her familiar, Dr. Watson (who is sometimes also known as Doctor Watson) and reported that he responded as he usually does when learning of difficult news. Dr. Watson destroyed a parcel of catnip and spread it all over himself.

Dr. Watson


Sable Reyn in Ohio had a similar experience. “It was madness”… it was like “Rivers and seas boiling…Dogs and cats living together…Mass hysteria! — apocalypse indeed!”  Faline and Emmy reportedly did move to get a little more comfortable.

Faline (left) and Emmy “worried” about the apocalypse.


Indeed, Raven, a Kitchen Witch, told us that Buddy took it in stride and offered to help organize whatever was needed as he nodded off again.



Marla and Gypsey Teague said that their furry friends also understood what must be done and took up a watch against whatever might come. Asa and Rabbit covered the porch entrance.

Asa (left) and Rabbit


Elsewhere in Florida, we learned that, after the information was circulated that more time will be spent at home, this happened at Lady Ana’s house and scared the bejesus out of everyone.

Pazuzu was unamused.


But not all familiars are furry of course. Nurkia the PondSpeaker came to shore for her daily lettuce and Ana took the opportunity to explain the situation.

Nurkia PondSpeaker


Nurkia left. #SaferAtHome

We hope we lightened the load a little this April first.  Be well.