Pagan Community Notes: ADF defrocks Cleric, Havertown Pagan Convicted of Child Sexual Assault, PCon and more

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USA – Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) released a statement on social media announcing its decision to revoke the clergy credential of Mr. Matthew Rutledge as a priest of of the organization. ADF reports receiving complaints earlier this year regarding his behavior online that allegedly included the use of racist, misogynistic, and trans-phobic language.

The Clergy Council Officers launched an investigation that determined Rutledge was in violation of ADF’s constitution. The Clergy Council Officers issued terms that Rutledge had 90 days to comply with in order to continue to maintain his clergy credentials with ADF. According to the statement released, multiple attempts were made to reach out to Rutledge to encourage him to address the issues with his past behavior. ADF reports that Rutledge did not respond to the request and subsequently the Clergy Council Officers issued their unanimous decision to revoke his credentials.


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SAN JOSE, Calif. –  Trans allies raised safety concerns with PantheaCon in a private email to the convention organizers and later on social media regarding the involvement of author Max Dashu at the conference.  Dashu, of Suppressed Histories Archives, reports having been accepted to present at the conference and subsequently deplatformed after those concerns surfaced. Trans rights allies and supporters state that  Dashu’s reported associations with exclusionary feminists were the focus of their concerns.

Dashu responded  stating on Facebook that “the staff have pressured the conference founder into booting me from Pantheacon, where I have presented for decades” adding that this is a “witch hunt by witches” Supporters of PantheaCon’s decision took to social media as did Dashu’s supporters.  Trans allies assert that the conference has promoted creating a safe space during its history and PantheaCon devoted at least one year specifically to the theme.  The Wild Hunt contacted the founder of PantheaCon for a statement but none was available at the time of publication. The Wild Hunt will continue to follow this developing story.


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HAVERTOWN, Penn. – On Friday, November 16, 2018, The Daily Times reported that Michael Kaminsky was convicted by a jury in the Delaware County Court of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, sexual assault, indecent assault, and child endangerment. Kaminsky was known within the Pagan community and online as “Mischa.”

Kaminsky’s bail was revoked and he was placed in custody at the Delaware county prison in Concord following the trial. His sentencing is scheduled for February 12, 2019. Sentencing for the charges he was convicted of can carry anywhere from a minimum of seven years up to a maximum of 40 years. His conviction of the lead charge, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, also activates Megan’s Law requiring him to register as sex offender.




In other news:

  • In a photo essay published by the The Washington Post Magazine last week titled “The Seekers”. A variety of American Witches are featured in Chapter 1: Spellbound — from a Theistic Satanic Conjure Witch, to a Garden Witch, a Shamanic healer, a Brujeria priestess, even a Witch who does performance art are included.
  • Circle Sanctuary is offering two events for the Transgender Day of Remembrance:Memorial Ceremony and Community Sharing Circle 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (CST) at Circle Sanctuary  Every year, Circle Sanctuary holds an Interfaith Memorial Ceremony at its Temple as part of its participation in the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Circle Sanctuary Community member, Transgender activist, and Transwoman Brianne Ravenwolf co-facilitates this program with Selena Fox.

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Circle of Caring and Sharing 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (CST) on Pagans Tonight Radio Network
Listen live, online or by phone, as Brianne Ravenwolf and Selena Fox discuss Transgender inclusion, rights, support, and social justice endeavors.
Call in at (347) 308-8222 between 7:15 pm and 7:45 pm (CST) to voice your perspective and experiences.

  • Paula and Gordon Ireland of the Michigan Witches’ Ball offer up their thanks to everyone who participated and helped make the event possible over the past 22 years as they announced in an Facebook post they are stepping down as organizers. Kenya Coviak will take over as organizer of the event.

  • Cherry Hill Seminary is offering a online course on ethics titled: Real World Pagan Ethics. The course runs November 19 thru December 14, 2018. CHS is also calling for submissions for its conference, Paganism & Its Discontents. Deadline for submissions is December 3, 2018.

Tarot of the Week with Star Bustamonte

Deck: Ukiyoe Tarot by Koji Furuta, instructions by Stuart R. Kaplan, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Card: The Devil, Major arcana XV (15)

This week could provide the necessary energy for escaping from that which binds us, or allowing us to see a way forward in navigating a difficult path. It’s also a good time to take a hard look at what may be influencing us in a negative fashion in order to remove or eliminate such influences.

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