Pagan Community Notes: PSG Moon Lodge, Terra Mysterium, Trillium Gathering, and more.

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BARNEVELD, Wis. — Pagan Spirit Gathering, a week-long Pagan summer festival hosted by Circle Sanctuary, will have a new addition this year called Women’s Hearth, a space dedicated specifically to women of all kinds. PSG hosted its first dedicated space for women at its inception in 1980. That space was eventually named Moon Lodge, and was a fixture at PSG for over 20 years. “Even after announcement were made. . . . that the lodge was welcoming to all women (womb or not, bleeding or not), it did not see an influx of new visitors or increased use,” the PSG organizers reported in an announcement.

Over the past few years, that has been changing with women asking for a dedicated space that is is not focused on reproduction. According to the announcement, the Moon Lodge will be transformed into Women’s Hearth, and be “dedicated to providing a welcoming place for all women to come together in workshops, ritual, rites of passage, and camaraderie.”

They wrote, “It has become evident that the Moon Lodge with its origin based in the menstruation/birth cycle does not make all women feel welcome equally. The time has come to allow the Moon Lodge to attain the next level of development in the life cycle of women’s space at PSG.”

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CHICAGO– Terra Mysterium is celebrating ten years of creating “experiential works of music, theatre, and performance art that are rooted in the Earth mysteries.” In 2008, the performance group opened with a show called Betwixt and Between: a Journey into Faerie, and has followed up with a variety of theatrical performances over the years. A spokesperson wrote, “We thank our supporters and fans for your support. We look forward creating more works of wonder for you to enjoy in the years to come!”

Readers may recognize Terra Mysterium as the group that performs the annual theatrical spectacle: A Midwinter Mummer’s Tale. We interviewed artistic director Matthew Ellenwood about the performance group and the performance in 2015.

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CROSS JUNCTION, Vir. — Trillium Gathering is coming up in two weeks, making it the second Pagan U.S.-based festival of the year. Trillium is hosted by Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) and, now in its 19th year, it is the organization’s longest-running festival. It is held at Thor’s Hollow Campground in the hills of Virginia.

This year’s theme is “cultivating our resources” in order to, as explained on the event’s website, “show off what we’ve learned in the last year after last years[sic] theme of ‘Personal Responsibility.'” As with most Pagan festivals, Trillium includes workshops, rituals, camping, entertainment, and food. There will also be a brewing competition run by past winner Arthur Shipkowski, and Warrior Games, an ADF festival mainstay. Trillium Spring Gathering will take place April 19-22.

In other news

  • Iowa Pagan News, an independent internet-based radio station serving the Iowa community has launched a fundraiser with a goal of $600. Iowa Pagan News is one of many stations dedicated to Pagan commentary, entertainment, and news. It is run by Earl Williams, and is part of his Prairie Land Radio Network
  • Author Morpheus Ravenna is launching a new class series based on her 2015 work, the Book of the Great Queen. She writes, “I hear again and again from readers that it’s become a textbook for their learning – and sometimes, that its length and scholarly depth may be a little intimidating, so I’m starting this class series to teach the Book of the Great Queen.” She will teach chapter by chapter, if not in order, for those interested in the subject. Classes begin Apr 29. Here is the TWH review of Ravenna’s book.
  • Lady Tamara Von Forslun, a Wiccan priestess in Australia, has published the first in what she says will be a series on “the foundational teachings of the Wicca tradition.” Von Forslun, who also identifies as the “Witch of Oz,” said in a press release: “I hope to educate others about this ancient and powerful belief system while also honoring and respecting human differences with tolerance and openness.” The new book is called Complete Teachings of Wicca Book One: the Seeker and was self-published through Balboa Press.
  • Beltane or May Day is fast approaching and many people are readying for a celebration. Last year the administrators of Mookychick, a website that boasts a “inclusively feminist alternative lifestyle” hosted a May Day magic ritual for “witches around the world.” They will, once again, promote this event to be held May 1. “In folklore the May Queen is crowned annually on 1st May. Let us honour that tradition on May Day when we all wear a magical May Day crown gifted by another,” organizers write. Mookychick is based in the United Kingdom.

Tarot of the week with Star Bustamonte

Deck: the Sacred Circle Tarot, written by Anna Franklin, illustrated by Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn Publications
Card: major arcana 0 (zero), the green man (correlates to the fool card in a standard deck)

Expect the unexpected, as possibly major change is on the way. A leap of faith and being able to set aside preconceived ideas and old habits may be required. Remember, it’s said that from chaos descends order. Let’s hold onto that thought, shall we?

[Decks provided by Asheville Raven and Crone.]