Pagan Community Notes: W.I.T.C.H, Iowa Pagan Pride, Circle Sanctuary and more

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MEXICO CITY – An organization named W.I.T.C.H. CDMX is hosting a public action in Mexico City, March 17. The event’s reported purpose is to bring women together to toss off the strains of oppression, abuse, and harassment. As written on the Facebook event page, “WITCH summons all our sisters to a night of spells, to the contemplation of fire,” and “to free ourselves, strengthen us and altar, in a symbolic act, reality.”  The scheduled action has been named Icendario and is being a labeled a “revolution.”

W.I.T.C.H. reports that it is a nonprofit organization that is interested in art, magic, feminism, disruption. It appears to be taking its cue from the 1969 organization of the same name, and the more recent incarnation in Chicago. The scheduled ritual burning will take place March 17 at 6 p.m. in Mexico City in the Plaza de la Republica. The organizers write: “Let the spirit of the harpy eagle accompany us in each of our struggles, let us not let the illusion of limitation prevent us from flying together . . . . We will make the earth tremble.” We will continue to follow this story.

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IOWA — A new group has formed to create community and host a new Pagan pride event in 2019. Cedar Valley Iowa Pagan Pride is being planned for 2019. The organizers say that the area hasn’t had “actual place for Pagans to gather . . . . for a long time.” The event will be held in Waterloo on the first weekend in September, 2019.

Involved in this venture is Earl Williams, the founder of Iowa Pagan News radio and the Praire Land Pagan Radio Network. Williams writes, “We are wanting people to be a part of the planning committee, fundraising, organizing the event and more.” The fledgling organization currently has a Facebook community group and a Twitter account through which the organizers can be contacted.

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BARNEVELD, Wis. — On March 28, Circle Sanctuary will be hosting an afternoon of Pagan military service ribbon award ceremonies. Debuting in 2011, Circle’s military ribbon program was created to “recognize and express appreciation for Pagans who have served and are serving in the U.S. armed forces.” To date, the organization has presented more than 300 ribbons to Pagans all around the world, either in person or during online radio programming.

Circle Sanctuary has announced that it will be expanding the ribbon program by offering a call-in event at the Circle Sanctuary office. “This will be the first time offering such direct support to our Pagan military community, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to any armed forces veterans who identify as Pagan,” said Gretchen Lirtzman, communication coordinator. On March 28, interested parties will be able to call in to receive their recognition through a ceremony during a private phone call with Rev. Selena Fox. “Participants may call the Circle Sanctuary office at 608/924-2216 [from] 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. [Central time],” said Lirtzman, adding that ribbons “awarded that day will be mailed out by Apr. 4 to the address on file for each applicant who participates in this award ceremony.”

In other news

  • Paganicon made local news this week in an article titled ‘The Twin Cities — aka Paganistan–will host a world gathering of Witches.” The article, which was focused on the upcoming Paganicon conference, upset a few Pagans due to the off-handed remarks to “flying monkeys” and “sharing potions.” However, the local Pagan community appeared excited by the publicity and unfazed by any kitschy references as they ready for their big event next week.
  • Saskatoon Witches are holding Wicca 101 classes,” reports the Calgary Herald. While the start of a Wicca 101 class is not news to Pagan communities worldwide, it is rare for mainstream media to report on them. In a video report, journalists interviewed Ryan Giesinger of Practical Magik and Curio Shoppe. Giesinger says the class is for people interested in practicing the religion as well as family members or friends who are curious about their loved ones’ spiritual path. The store recorded the Wicca 101 classes and has posted them to Facebook.
  • A new volume of the Pomegranate is available online. Vol 19 no. 2, published in 2017, has been uploaded to the journal’s site for digital reading. As always, book reviews are free to all readers, but the other articles themselves are locked and available for purchase.
  • Magical sigils have been a popular subject for Pagans and Witches working magic over the past few years. A new book on that subject is being produced by author and artist Gina Leslie. Titled The Art of Sigils, the new book is being self-published by Leslie, and she describes it as “an illustrated guide to using sigils to unlock your hidden creativity and manifest prosperity.” Leslie has launched an Indeigogo campaign to help finance the production of the book she says “she didn’t know she wanted to write.”
  • Finally, another mainstream article caught the attention of the Pagans and Witches around the world this week. This one was published by Out magazine and featured a “new line of witchcraft items” being sold by the famous Olsen twins. The article which touts their $395 altars and $79 ritual candles had some modern Witches shaking their heads in horror and disbelief. The article is actual a satire written by comedian Greg Mania, who jokingly tweeted that he might be “turned into a voodoo doll” for writing it. The Olsens are not pushing an expensive line of Wiccan magical items, and that includes the amulet that summons Enya and sage stick for cleansing Old Navy. Interestingly and as a side note, Mania does admittedly have experience with magical practice and summoning. In 2017, he reported that he “accidentally summoned a demon at IKEA by trying to pronounce the names of the furniture.”

Weekly tarot with Star Bustamonte

Deck: Medieval Cat Tarot by Lawrence Teng and Gina M. Pace, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Card: five (5) of swords

The five (5) of swords can often be reflective of unfairness. This week is liable to offer up opportunities where we must determine and decide which side of a line we stand on. It is possible to be on the right side of an issue, even a winning one, and still end up losing personally. Discernment and being able to view long-term effects of actions are key this week.

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