PHOTOS: Pagans join the Women’s March on Washington

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TWH – The Women’s March on Washington was expected to bring out large crowds, but the numbers quickly reached unprecedented levels, making the Saturday march one of the biggest in U.S. history. The 673 sister marches around the world added to the energy and the spirit of the day.

Phoenix - Child (2)

Phoenix, Ariz. [Courtesy D. Walker]

Many Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists were among those in attendance. We have been collecting personal photos that share a taste of what people saw and experienced while marching. The following galleries are broken down into regions based on what was received including, Washington D.C., the Northeast (New York and Massachusetts), the South (Florida, Atlanta, Texas), the Upper Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan) and the West Coast (California, Oregon). Click on any photo in each set to view them in full.

Washington D.C.

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Upper Midwest

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West Coast

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We want to thank all the contributors to the galleries including Sister Krissy Fiction, Michele Morris, Byron Ballard, Star Bustamonte, Mother Grove Goddess Temple, Sara Amis, Jon Skoglund, Jhenah Telyndru, Kathy Lezon, Rayna Templebee, John Halstead, David Salisbury, The Firefly House, Courtney Weber-Hoover, Mary Hudson, Tim Titus, Bryan O’Dell, Rowan Fairgrove, Oberon Osiris, Selena Fox, Florence Edwards-Miller, Adam Miramon, Rose Jefko, Andras Corban-Arthen, EarthSpirit Community, Kenya Coviak, Grace Kilpatrick, Peter Bishop, Sandy Foo, Ashleigh Foxbat, CAYA Coven, Yeshe Rabbit, J. Schwartzfarb, Debbie Walker, and Anna Hitz.

 All photos are published with permission and are copyright to the owner.