The Wild Hunt 2016 Winter Solstice Gift Guide

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Looking for the perfect Solstice gift for your favorite Pagan, Heathen, or Polytheist? The Wild Hunt’s annual 2016 Winter Solstice Gift Guide with expert advice, reviews, and recommendations can help as you plan your shopping list over this coming season.*

For the Bookworm

Pagans may not be People of the Book, but we are people who own books – lots and lots of books. Yet what book to buy? Here is some help from a few industry experts.

Taylor Ellwood is co-owner of Immanion Press. He’s also a holistic business coach, magician, and author. There are Taylor’s top picks.

The Tao of Craft
by Benebell Wen. The Tao of Craft provides a rare opportunity to learn about Taoist magical practices and what you need if you want to try out those practices.

What is an Altar by Rowan Moss and illustrated by T. S. Lamb. Simply put, What is an Altar teaches your children what an altar is, and how to create and care for one. The book is perfect for Pagan families who wants to teach the kids about their spiritual practices.

Nothing But a Pack of Cards by S. Rune Emerson. Nothing But a Pack of Cards teaches readers how to use Tarot for practical magic work, including what spreads to use and how to create your own tarot spells.

Elysia Gallo is the senior acquisitions editor for Llewellyn Worldwide, based in Minnesota. She is also active in her local Minneapolis community. Here are her suggestions.


The Chaos Protocols by Gordon White. The Chaos Protocols starts with a sobering, eye-watering view of the current global challenges around economics, industry, and the climate, and then reminds us that “Magic is always the tactic of last resort for those who refuse to give up hope.” This book is for people willing to do the work, and makes a good gift for millennials looking for their best chances at success in this shifting world.

Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen. Part intersectional feminist manifesta and part liberationist book of shadows, Jailbreaking the Goddess challenges the old Maiden/Mother/Crone model that limits women to their biology. It is a perfect gift for those who are seeking greater understanding in fighting for autonomy and for marginalized groups. As Allen writes, “We work to dismantle the system from the inside because we are all inside the system, and the system is inside us. Together we will bring it down.”

Magical Destinations of the Northeast by Natalie Zaman. A book you can have fun with! Zaman guides you through sacred or magical sites all over the northeastern portions of the U.S., including nature sites, museums, monuments and graves, sanctuaries, temples, intentional communities, sculpture parks, historical sites relating to Native American and African American history, and more. It contains spells for each state, but it is also a perfect gift for people who are just beginning on the path, or esotericists who love to travel and are looking for interesting places to visit.

A few other picks by Wild Hunt Staff:
Love Magic by Lilith Dorsey
Doreen Valiente: Witch by Philip Heselton
Witch’s Book of Power by Devin Hunter
Taking Sacred Back by Nels and Judy Linde
A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing by David Salisbury



Baby Protection Rune ($18) Here is a very thoughtful gift for new parents. The protection rune is made of birch with copper inlay. Cradles were once made from birch for the sole purpose to protect the helpless children. The wood is believed to ward off evil, banish fears, and build courage, and copper is said to have healing properties.

Yggdrasil Rattle ($6) This handmade infant rattle has a spring leaf green fleece top and a bark brown fleece trunk. Brown machine-stitched embroidered leafy vines detail the top and black wood grain stitching details the trunk. The rattle is filled with poly-fil and has one single metal bell.

Little Witch Doll ($25.52) Looking for a gift for your baby witch? This snuggly little witch doll can be customized to hair or skin color of your choice. It is hand crocheted and stands 12 inches high.



Wood Bowling Game ($25) Long-lasting and made out of wood, this set is not only great fun but also great for developing hand eye coordination. The game is hand carved and finished with beeswax. It is a gift that can be passed down to younger siblings and even the next generation.

Art Cloth Goth Rag Dolls ($55-85.00) These beautiful Ares Crea handmade art dolls can be used for play or for decoration. Each doll is one of a kind and is made to have “its own personality.” Artist Simona Mereu takes custom orders.

Black Doll Cape ($7.99) Now your little Witch in training can take their doll to ritual wearing their very own wool cape. The handmade cape is available in both red or black. Fits all 18 inch dolls.


Bow and Arrow Set ($14) For the little Apollo or Artemis on your list, here is a very lightweight bow, made from pvc and wood. The arrows have eraser tips. Designed to be used outside, this set can help develop the lasting lessons of dexterity, patience, and safety, rolled into the fun of learning a valuable skill.


Backpack with changeable art flap ($60) Made of heavy black duck and nylon with art on the 11-square-inch outside flap. this handmade backpack Includes three additional zipper pockets of various sizes, a mesh pocket for an ID or permit, and special holders for a cell phone, a water bottle and pens. It has adjustable back straps and a loop for easy carrying by hand or for hanging on a hook when not in use. What makes this a great gift ever more appealing for teens is that you can change the look of the backpack by swapping out the art flap.


Minoan Coloring Book ($14.95) Here is a great new coloring book for both teens and adults. Through this beautifully-drawn collection of 48 images, you will discover the amazing world of the Minoans of ancient Crete, including bull leapers, snake goddesses, prancing dolphins, and other images from the Minoan age.

Tarot of Pagan Cats ($3.99) Cats and tarot – what’s not to like? From popular developerThe Fool’s Dog, this newest tarot app shows cats in both of their worlds; here with us and in an exotic realm of feline power. The imagery is inspired by the classic 1910 RWS scenes with cats taking the place of humans. You can download this app from Apple or the Google Play Store.

Gifts Under $10

The New Radiation Cookbook” Refrigerator Magnet ($4) This is a fun, brand new magnet with a vintage pulp look. Jen Talley Art and Design offers many other similar tongue-in-cheek, pop culture, and feminist-inspired products, including greeting cards, prints and buttons.

Purification Powder ($5) Know someone who needs magical cleansing while they’re cleaning? Gift them this purification Powder to add to their wash water. It is good for doors, windows, and floors.

under10Krampus Ornament ($7)  Made from wood, this 3×3 mod-podge ornament may be perfect for your holiday season. There here are several different styles of holiday ornament to choose from, but the quantities are very limited. (I am not sure which side of this ornament I like better: Krampus with his tongue out or the screaming child on the reverse.)

The Whole Seed Catalog ($9.95) A catalog as a gift? Oh yes! Just flipping through the pages, imagining the possibilities, will bring months of pleasure to any herb Witch on your list. The catalog offers seeds from over 1800 varieties of heirloom herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. There’s a smaller catalog available for no charge.

Gifts Under $50


Book of Shadows Coloring Book ($11.99) Over 70 one sided pages for you to color, this new coloring book provides a unique way to create a personal Book of Shadows. The pages include the Sabbats, crystals, herbs, elements and more.

Hand Painted Tea Set ($16.33) Each cup and saucer set is hand painted with the pattern of your choice. You can even have the artisan create a custom pattern for you. As an aside, can you imagine picking this out for a handfasting pattern?

Solstice Morning Diorama ($35) This tiny diorama features a Solstice sun rising over a woman making a libation. The house is made of high quality fiberboard, hand painted acrylic paint,  and then sealed with decoupage medium. The diorama measures 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.25.


Cernunnos Wall Hanging ($38.05) This Cernunnos wall hanging is backed with wood and has hooks already installed, making it ready to hang. The Latin word for light is inscribed at the top along with a clear cabochon. Below is the symbol of infinity. This wall hanging is a thoughtful gift for a new homeowner or someone who recently moved into a new apartment. It can be personalized.

Astrological Signs Watch ($38.99) Here is a different take on a traditional gift. This handmade bamboo watch has a leather strap and is very lightweight for its size. A personal message can be engraved on the back.

Leather Wallet ($46) This wallet “Mjöllnir” is made of thick leather in combinations of browns and reds. It is hand-stitched with a waxed thread. It has one main pocket for banknotes and four sections for cards. The wallet’s edges are polished and rubbed with wax.

Cratejoy Magical People Subscription ($5 a month and up) Every month your recipient will receive a themed-box filled with products and illustrated cards with tips and instructions. (To be honest, I was a bit cynical when this subscription first came out, but the reviews have been excellent. After seeing one in person, I was pleasantly surprised.) It is nicely packaged with thoughtful, quality products.


GBG 2017 Year and a Day Calendar ($17.50) Since 2011, the Gerald B. Gardner Calendar has been a treasured yearly gift for many. It is filled with photographs, historical notes, newspapers clippings, and more. The calendar is printed in limited quantities, and a portion of the proceeds go to The Doreen Valiente Foundation and the Museum of Witchcraft.

Gifts Over $50

Oak Leaf Bracelet ($60) This single oak leaf bracelet cuff is made from fold-formed copper and has a beautiful patina that no camera could capture. It contains blues and greens with a bit of the natural copper color shimmering through. Each bracelet is made to order and unique in its patina shading. They are fully adjustable, measuring 5 inches in length and about 2 inches wide.

Handcrafted Broom ($65) These brooms can be used as a working broom, a Working broom, or both. Made by a small, family-owned shop in Washington, these sturdy besoms are woven onto natural branches. They are made from 100% North American broom corn; the sweeps are woven tightly, and the owner says that they’ll never loosen or unravel. The whisks are adorable! (I want one for a hearth sweep.)


Reproduction Book Travel Case ($195) Is there someone on your list who has a special book or five, and would love to have a unique place to show them off? Perhaps they read tarot and would enjoy a special carrying case when they visit clients? These cases come in your choice of wood: cherry, oak, or walnut. You can also choose between the mesh wire front or a brass privacy screen. Each case has a sun engraved on the left side and a crescent moon on the right.
All three drawers are removable leaving cubbies for your own scrolls or instruments.

Felted Witch Hat  ($198) These are practical, wearable fabric art pieces that will turn heads anywhere you wear them. The color palettes, the detailing – perfection! (I had the hardest time picking out just one hat to feature from this artist.) This particular hat features a large full moon with the bare branches of a tree. Silk chiffon trails down the front, softening the look. The artist also offers belts, shawls, gloves, and vests.



Ljos and Svart ($27.31 for both) Originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Kari Tauring and Drew Miller put out two spectacular Nordic tradition albums: Ljos (Light) and Svart (Dark). The cuts range from acapella, to trad folk with dulcimer, spoken word with vocal looping, dark electronics backing 10th century verses, improvised spirit journeys, and string arrangements.

Ragnarok  ($15.90) This is Wardruna’s 3rd album and one infused by Nordic spiritualism and Elder Futhark runes. Wardruna’s sound combines the complexity of heavy metal with the repetition of electronic trance. Tracks include Tyr, UruR, and Raido.

Queens of Avalon Original Cast Recording ($20.00) For musical theater fans and Arthurian fans, singer-songwriter SJ Tucker and Heather Dale star in the retelling of the stories Guinevere and Morgana as these two beloved characters meet as young girls. A DVD of the show is also available along with other related packages.

The Green Album ($15) This album is an independent musical compilation created by 14 Pagan musicians from around the world. The goal of the album is to raise eco-awareness with 25% of every album sold by the collaborators is donated to the Rainforest Trust. All fourteen cuts on the album are either brand new or were not released by the artist prior to the album’s release. Available only as a download.

*   *   *

We hope you’ve enjoyed the gift guide. This is just a small taste of what Pagan or Pagan-friendly artisans have to offer.  As always, when possible, support your community by buying local or buying direct from the artist.

*Disclaimer: This is a wholly independent gift guide. The Wild Hunt was not paid to endorse any of the listed products. All prices were current as of publication date.

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