Ukrainian Pagans, Shamans, Witches Schedule Walpurginacht Public Peace Prayer

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KIEV, Ukraine –On April 30, two thousand witches were expected to gather publicly to work for peace in a land that has been rocked by Russian-backed rebellion. Despite the size of the event, only minimal information about it made its way out of the Ukraine. Fialkora Mykytenko, national coordinator for PFI Ukraine, posted an announcement of it in her native Ukrainian. Here is a translation:

On April 30, Walpurgis Night, a (witches’) sabbath will be held in Kiev, with the official approval of the Defense Ministry, and with two thousand people in attendance.

The organizers’ web page indicates that this will be the first such massive gathering of practitioners of magick, psychics, healers, and representatives from a wide range of esoteric cultures.The ceremony will be directed toward the restoration of peace and harmony in the territory of Ukraine and the adjoining nations, and be based on the time-honored rituals of civilizations throughout the world. The venue will be Mikhalovskii Square.

Everyone who values the destiny of Ukraine, everyone who wishes peace in our land is urged to attend, and bring protective charms which they have created with love, using their own hands. After a mass energetic charging of these charms, they will be sent to areas of Anti-terrorist Operations. Over 2,000 of the strongest magickal masters will come to call on the highest powers to put an end to the war.

This action is officially supported by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and “the union of veterans of anti-terrorist operations.” Registration and individual gatherings of witches, sorcerers and others will take place on Mount Shchekavits, on the site of an ancient abandoned cemetery of plague victims, which the organizers describe as a place of unimaginable power.

The event, organized by shaman Sergei “Sabirius” Grechishkin, was scheduled to take place in Mikhailovsky Square, which is nestled between St. Mikhail’s Golden-Domed Monastery and Saint Sophia’s Cathedral.

St. Michael's

St. Mikhail’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Mikhailovsky Square, Kiev [Public Domain]

The ritual itself was described by one source as a moleben, which is a “traditional Eastern Orthodox prayer service . . . widely practiced in Russia and Ukraine.” Sabirius told the news site Vesti more about the event’s structure and intentions:

It will be a joint appeal to the higher forces. Each of us will do it in his own way. We will ask them to help people to recover from this bloody attack of anger and hatred and save those who found themselves in this wild bloodbath. The second ritual is a “charging up” of protective amulets for the warriors and residents in the conflict zone, which will then protect people from bullets, frags, knives and batons,” he says.

While the Defense Ministry may have sanctioned the gathering, reports in advance of it indicated that the mayor of Kiev had not officially acknowledged it. Father Ivan, deacon at St. Mikhail, wasn’t aware of the plan until contacted by reporters.  When asked, he is quoted as saying, “There’s nothing bad about people planning to pray for peace in Ukraine. … [but] people pray for peace in church. . . . You mustn’t forget that apart from God, there is also the devil, who can, via [psychics, shamans, witches and warlocks], create what at first glance looks like good things which then turn out to have been made using dark powers.”

Preliminary prayer circle (courtesy photo)

Preliminary prayer circle (courtesy photo)

According to local reports, only few dozen practitioners actually showed up. But those that did come out were surprised to find that the city had scheduled a concert in the square for the same time, and they were also reportedly met with hostility from bystanders. Their prayer for peace, drowned out by music, only lasted a few minutes.

We will continue to follow this story and will update it as we get more information.