Peter Paddon 1964 to 2014

Peter Paddon

It was announced Thursday that Peter Paddon, author, teacher, Witch, and Cunningman, had passed away quietly during the night. His family posted the following on his public Facebook account:

As you can imagine, there just aren’t words for things like this, at a time like this. Our beloved Peter has passed away peacefully in his sleep. We know that he has touched so many of you, as he has touched us, and we know that you share our grief this morning. We’ll share information on the plan as we’re able to put a plan together. Thank you so much for your thoughts.

Peter Paddon was a beloved figure in the Pagan world. Raised partially in the shadows of Stonehenge, he spent many hours playing and learning among its stones. At the age of twelve, he began experimenting with the Occult, but it wasn’t until after finishing school in 1983 that Peter engaged in any formal training. That journey began as a student of Alexandrian Wicca.

Over the next two decades, Peter studied a number of different traditions, including Egyptian Mysteries, Rosicrucianism and Enochian magick, and worked with many different people along the way. In 1997 Peter moved to Los Angeles to begin a new adventure with his wife Linda. In 2004, they started a group called Briar Rose, a Companie of Cunningfolk, which is still in operation today.

4ea7fde243bb0a82390adf.L._V322154580_SY470_Peter has been the spirit and energy behind many projects and creative ventures.Through his work, he has shared his love of the Craft and his vast Occult knowledge. In 2011, Peter began the popular Crooked Path podcast. Shortly before that, he launched an independent publishing imprint called Pendraig Publishing, whose focus is to produce “quality books … covering subjects like Traditional Witchcraft, Wortcunning, The Art of the Cunning Folk, and Ancient Mystery Traditions.” Since its founding, Pendraig has published Peter’s own books, The Crooked Path Journal and the works of other authors. Its newest release is Peter’s Traditional Witchcraft: Visualization.

In 2012, Peter suffered a major heart attack and underwent surgery, from which he fully recovered. That setback didn’t slow him down and, once able, he continued on with his work.

Throughout his life, Peter was a creator, an artist, a storyteller and a visionary. Along with his podcast and writing, Peter performed tarot readings and produced the Craftwise series of spellcasting DVDs. With his wife Linda, Peter enjoyed creating Pagan-inspired art and crafts. Most recently, the couple’s work, including Peter’s custom glass etchings, were being offered at the Northridge Mall open air market.

After Thursday’s announcement was made public, it became very clear how many lives Peter and his work have touched over the years. The Brothers of the Unnamed Path wrote:

Peter was a gifted witch who brought humor and great personal passion to his work. He was a friend of ours and of our dear Hyperion and provided great comfort to us after his passing. We offer our Love and deepest condolences to his wife Linda, son Ben, and Peter’s entire family and community of friends.

Close friend Orion Foxwood told The Wild Hunt:

Peter’s legacy is a multi-threaded beautiful tapestry of loving husband, loyal father, wise witch, treasured friend, and esteemed author and teacher. His brushstrokes on our lives have made the world more beautiful and magical….forever.

Peter will be missed as he begins his next journey. But his spirit and wisdom have been preserved in the many and varied works that he has left behind for future generations, from books to podcasts to etchings. In that way, Peter will continue to touch lives as he has always done; just as he will continue to live on deep within the hearts and memories of his students, friends and family.

What is remembered, lives.

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11 thoughts on “Peter Paddon 1964 to 2014

  1. I had his first book, but had to throw it away due to bugs. Put it on my Wish List and now I’m really going to buy up his books now. I’m sorry for his families loss and I know that he’s in a better place. Have a wonderful journey, you really inspired a ton of people.

  2. I never had the chance to meet Peter, but I know, and hope, that one day
    his spirit might possibly grace my presence. I am at loss for words. My
    dearest friend Ben would tell me many stories of how he was such an
    amazing person, a dear friend, and an outstanding teacher. I share my
    light and love to his family and friends and to those who studied under
    him as his pupils. This was heart breaking for everyone who knew him.
    And to his wife Linda, may you find comfort in the healing energies
    being sent your way. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to loose
    my husband, best friend, and soul mate. I feel deeply for you. I will
    look forward though, to following his teachings and hope to one day
    become apart of the everlasting reminder of his wisdom. To you and
    yours, my energy, light, and most of all my never ending love for you
    and this amazing covenant be forever graced by what he has left in this
    continuing journey for us all to follow.

  3. Peter was supportive of our very small Pagan Pride event up in the desert, and brought up other authors with him. We are ever thankful. His publishing brought to light things in Trad Craft that we are still learning today with another family. May he be long remembered, and live on in the Heart of Wales in comfort and love, with family and his Gods.

  4. I’m very sorry for his friends and family. He’ll be missed, but what’s remembered lives!