Pagan Community Notes: Solidarity Statement; Declaration 127; Fallon Smart and more!

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standingrock-dakotaposter1-223x300SAN FRANCISCO – In the past week, four members of the Reclaiming Tradition created a Pagan Indigenous Solidarity statement to show support for the continued battle to stop the building of the Dakota Pipeline. That statement begins, “We, the undersigned groups and individuals of the Reclaiming Tradition and other Pagan Traditions, stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, the Lakota people, and all Indigenous Peoples who are fighting to preserve and protect their homes and lands. ”

The writers then ask others of “Pagan and earth-based traditions” to join with them in signing the petition. To date, there are over 59 covens and groups, and over 2,674 individual signatures. The numbers are climbing and the organizers are listing the names on the support site as fast as time allows. In addition, organizers have suggested other ways to support the cause.

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14264001_681202105362921_2081602285694751735_nTWH – In another signatory effort, the Huginn’s Heathen Hof wrote and published a statement called Declaration 127in order to collectively “state their complete denunciation of, and disassociation from, the Asatru Folk Assembly.” Since Aug. 31, this statement has garnered the signatures of 43 organizations. The group also created a graphic for use on the websites of those affirming groups. That graphic can be seen to the left.

Public statements, similar to the one by Huginn’s Heathen Hof, have continued to circulate across social media, and have managed to filter out beyond the limits of the greater Heathen community. It was recently reported that True Friends-Camp Courage cancelled AFA’s Labor Day event after being informed of its policies and beliefs. This event was to be AFA’s first such gathering in the midwest. According to the news source, the camp cancelled the event because AFA’s “mission and areas of focus significantly conflict with [our] core values.” AFA has not made an official public statement in response to any of the develpments. However, member Joseph Bloch has published a number of blog posts commenting on the events.

Since that cancellation, there have been suggestions circulating that the Troth and other Heathen organizations or individuals were directly involved in forcing the camp’s hand. In response, Troth officials have publicly stated that they are “not at all responsible” for that action. At this point, it does appear that secular-based anti-Fascist organizations and activists, such as Conflict MN, staged a direct social media campaign to shut down the Minnesota gathering. We will continue to follow the story.

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fallon-smart-gfmPORTLAND, Ore. — On August 23, the Sekhet-Maat, Ordo Templi Orientis posted that it had been impacted by a tragedy. Fifteen-year old Fallon Smart, one of its member’s daughter, had been killed by a speeding car while crossing a street. On Aug. 20, friends set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help the family.  The goal was set at $30,000, and within three days, they had reached that number and more. It is currently at $43,139. One family members wrote on the site, “These last few days have been the darkest our families have experienced. This tragedy has devastated two sets of parents, two sets of siblings, and a community who knew and loved her.”

Aside from the personal love for Fallon, there was a secondary reason for the outpouring of community support and that was pedestrian safety. A community of cyclists led a “Slow Ride” memorial and action Aug 26, with a goal of both being a ” memorial ride for the teen” and a way of “calling attention to pedestrian safety.” The ride stopped in front of city hall for a short period of time to “to address the city with [their] concerns for safer streets.” The family has expressed their hopes that such an action will bring city-wide changes to make the streets safer to walk, and prevent another teen death.

As for Fallon, as shown in the many online memorials, she will be remembered for many things, especially her kindness and her vibrant smile. One friend reported that Fallon help start a garden at school, because she “wanted bring the butterflies and birds back.” She sewed pillows for the cats at the humane society and sung in Bridging Voices youth choir. On the memorial site, Fallon’s uncle wrote, “Please hug your kids just a bit tighter tonight and for a little longer. And when you are out driving, please be aware of pedestrians and foot traffic.” What is remembered, lives. 

In Other News:

  • Updating political news from Florida, Augustus Sol Invictus lost in the recent Libertarian primary for a U.S. Senate seat. Since our last update, Invictus has continue to attract mainstream media attention, more often than not described as the “goat-blood-drinking candidate.” This year, Invictus ran for a spot on the Nov. 8 ballot and lost, but not before garnering 26.5% of the vote.
  • Yesterday was World Goddess Day!

world goddess day

  • Patrick McCollum Foundation selected this year’s youth delegates to the United Nations for the International Day of Peace, Sept. 21. Rev. McCollum said, “This year we are proud to sponsor Olivia Phillips from Malvern, Pennsylvania and Sasha Reed from Portland Oregon. Both women are outstanding examples of young people dedicated to a better world.”  The two delegates will attend a number of peace events in New York City, representing the foundation as Pagans. Last year’s delegate was Rowan Weir.
  • Emerald Rose has announced its farewell concert Oct. 8. “Our final concert will be held in the place where it all started. We invite you to come to our final musical party to mark the end of a long and happy journey, and to see old friends again at the turn of the season.” The day-long event will be held at Starbridge Event Center from noon to 10 pm weather permitting.
  • The International Herb Association has selected Secret Medicines from Your Garden, written by Ellen Evert Hopman, to receive the Thomas DeBaggio Annual Book Award for the International Herb Association. Hopman noted that the book contains magical as well as medicinal uses of herbs. She told TWH, “Apparently herb magic is no longer threatening to the general public or at least to Herbalists.” An article was published recently about the book’s recognition. The writer asked about her Pagan beliefs in relation to herbalism. Hopman said, “I’m a Pagan for a reason. As a Druid, I see plants as sacred, animals as sacred, people as sacred. We have to see it all as sacred.”

The Wild Hunt would like to thank everyone who spoke with us at DragonCon and for the DragonCon Media staff for providing media support and great interview opportunities.

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  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    It’s heartening to see the swift reaction to the AFA statement.Thanks to TWH for posting the Standing Rock Solidarity link.

  • Thank you for helping us to spread the word about Declaration 127!

  • “Since Aug. 31, this statement has garnered the signatures of 43 organizations”

    Since when are blogs and Facebook pages “organizations”?

    • has thousands of subscribers. American Asatru Association and The Asatru Community are both registered LLCs with substantial Facebook followings. The overwhelming majority of the signatures are from independent kindreds in 7 different countries. Oh yeah, then there’s the Troth.

      Belittle it all you want, but there’s a whole lot more than 700 of us. 😉

      • You make my point. Facebook followers. Website members. Nobody actually *doing* anything other than talking.

        And, just FYI, there are a lot more of us than are members of the AFA, too. We are the mainstream of Asatru. Much as it might pain you to hear it.

        • In much the same way that the Green Party is the ‘mainstream’ of American politics. Pay no attention to the facts behind the curtain…

        • Esteban Sevilla

          Jon, is not only Organizations and FB pages, it is all the people behind them. As the hundreds of latinamericans with and without organizations or kindreds, who are soon to join to this declaration. Just because Facebook pages share it, doesn’t mean hundreds of heathens all over the world don’t support it.

          You can’t cover the sun with one finger! AFA is not the only big organization in the world. There are thousands of unsubscribed heathens and solo practitioners that also oppose your positions and they also have a right to be counted. 700 is not a majority when you see that many Scandinavian orgs are against your ideals.

          It is the AFA vs the world. Where does that leave you?

        • Laine Mardollsdottir

          We’re often talking about the things that we’re doing, and talking is a deed in and of itself. Words change minds, minds guide hands, and worlds change as a result. Given how prolific you are, Jon, I’m surprised you’re willing to discount the relevance of someone based off of online activity. If folks who write online are obviously not doing anything meaningful off the computer, where does that leave you?

        • Ryan Smith

          The AFA is bigger than any one signatory. It is most certainly NOT bigger than all of us.

          That sound you’re hearing, Bloch, is the combined outrage of the Silent Majority being done with the AFA dragging the rest of us through the mud. You are a loud voice but calling you mainstream is as honest as calling a puddle a river.

  • Damiana

    I’m so sorry about the death of Ms. Smart. What a horiffic tragedy. I hope that her loved ones feel supported during this time.

    I’d love to see an update on Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist who was just released from jail. It seems to me that the June hex is working!

    Thanks for the news about the herb book – it sounds great.

    • Franklin_Evans

      Apparently, Turner has been subjected to threats of injury and death since his release. I’ve not found a reputable source yet, but it is very disturbing. It sounds very much like vigilante actions.

      • Damiana

        You haven’t found the found a reputable source of what?

        • Franklin_Evans

          I would like to see a published article that isn’t a mashup between Turner and Colin Kaepernick. Still haven’t found one.

    • Charles Cosimano

      The radionic shield around him works fine and none of the hex energy got through.

      • Damiana

        Whatever, dude.