Wayist Druid public Samhain ritual draws threats

ATHENS, Tenn.— Local Archdruid, Angela Wilson has scheduled a public Samhain ritual for Saturday, October 27 at the Market Park Pavilion. Her intent is to unite Pagans, as well as to educate non-Pagans, by allowing the community to observe the ritual to honor the ancestors. Wilson was trained by former Archdruid, Father David Springer, and shared to the event’s Facebook page a post explaining the doctrine of The Way that the Wayist order follows. In part,  the page says:“The Wayist lifestyle, that we chose as our way of life, helps bring us into our future, and for some of us, a truly new way of life that includes, Doing the Right Thing, Fallowing Virtues, and keeping our Word, no matter how hard that might be, as well as understand the Truth.”

Soon after the event was publicized, Wilson began receiving threats of physical violence. On Tuesday, October 23, a group calling itself McMinn County Christians released on Facebook an announcement of plans to protest on the Athens courthouse steps.

Pagan Community Notes: Indigenous Peoples Day, New Age beliefs, 1000 Goddesses and more.

TWH – Throughout the U.S., more and more cities and regions are electing to forgo the celebration of Columbus Day for Indigenous People’s Day. In 1994, the United Nations declared Aug. 9 to be International Indigenous People’s Day. The holiday was first proposed in South Dakota in 1989, but its first official adoption did not occur until 1991 in Berkeley, California. The Berkeley city council adopted the holiday in time for the 500th anniversary of the Columbus sailing.

Gatlinburg burning: eyewitness accounts

GATLINBURG, Tenn. — The bustling mountain resort town of Gatlinburg was devastated Monday as wild fires ripped through town, reducing some areas to only ashes and rubble. Believed to have been started by hikers, the fire is being called “the perfect storm” as high winds and dry air created ideal conditions for this tragic event. Officials are now saying the so-called Chimney Tops fire has taken as many as seven lives, burned 17,000 acres, and destroyed more than 700 buildings. “It’s a horror movie,” posted Angie ‘Pinkie’ Harvel.

Unleash the Hounds (link roundup)

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