Uncovering the Past: Land Bridge Theory, Magical Shoe, Curses, Mayan Codex and more!

As some Pagans and Heathens attempt to revive ancient or indigenous religions they often rely on the work of historians, primary texts and archaeologists. For this reason, when something new pops up that challenges long held academic ideas on cultural or religious practice, we pay attention. Here are some of the new(er) finds making waves in archaeological circles. The Land Bridge Theory Collapses

Humans first came to the Americas by crossing from Russia into Alaska using the Bering land bridge. Or did they?

Pagan Federation International helps flood victims in Serbia and Croatia

EASTERN EUROPE — The Balkan region of Eastern Europe is suffering under the pressure of extreme floodwaters unlike anything they have seen in recent decades. Serbia and Bosnia have been the hardest hit as waters from the River Sava and River Danube swell well beyond their banks. The area has been declared a disaster zone with rising casualties and “tens of thousands” homeless. Now that storm waters have now crested and damage is being assessed, the Pagan Federation International (PFI) divisions in both Croatia and Serbia have stepped in to help their countries recover. Similar to the response by the Pagan Federation International Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, PFI Croatia and Serbia have both mobilized to provide disaster relief within their own communities.