Terror victim Daniel Kaufman to be honored with a memorial garden

RIALTO, Calif. — The Incredible Edible Community Garden in partnership with The City of Rialto will plant a Healing Grove Memorial in remembrance of 2015 terror victim Daniel Kaufman June 4 at 2pm. The garden will be built in the city’s popular Fergusson Park

“I am extremely touched that this grove is being planted,” said Ryan Reyes.”I feel that it is a beautiful way to honor the memory of Daniel as well as they other victims by giving those of us left behind a place to go and remember them without having to visit a place such as a cemetery or other kind of memorial site that might carry too many sad connotations such as death and loss.” Reyes was Kaufman’s boyfriend when the terror attacks happened in December 2015 at the Inland Regional Center complex in San Bernardino. Kaufman worked as a barista at the Coffee n’ More shop inside that facility.

Pagan Ryan Reyes to attend “State of the Union” address

WASHINGTON D.C. — After his boyfriend of three years was killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Ryan Reyes found himself in the position of speaking out against religious intolerance. During the painful days following the violence, Reyes was comforted by members of the local Muslim community and found inspiration in their compassion. Just over one month later, on Jan. 12, Reyes will be taking his message to the nation as a presidential guest at the annual State of the Union address. On Dec.

A Joyful life, a hero’s death

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif — On Dec 2, Jack Prewett, Co-First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, was at his job for the county of San Bernardino not far from the Inland Regional Center (IRC) complex. Around 11 am, two persons reportedly entered an IRC conference room and opened fire, killing 14 and wounding 12. Jack’s wife, Stachia Ravensdottir, heard about the shooting on the news and tried to call him.  Jack immediately answered the phone. And, like hundreds of others who work at the IRC complex or at nearby government offices, he was able to tell his wife that he was fine.