A Joyful life, a hero’s death

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif — On Dec 2, Jack Prewett, Co-First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, was at his job for the county of San Bernardino not far from the Inland Regional Center (IRC) complex. Around 11 am, two persons reportedly entered an IRC conference room and opened fire, killing 14 and wounding 12. Jack’s wife, Stachia Ravensdottir, heard about the shooting on the news and tried to call him.  Jack immediately answered the phone. And, like hundreds of others who work at the IRC complex or at nearby government offices, he was able to tell his wife that he was fine.

Three Cool (Pagan) Things For Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here are three cool (Pagan) things from the news to start off your weekend right. How Will They Include the Footnotes? Den of Geek reports that the BBC will be making a six-part adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s landmark fantasy novel “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.” The book, which posits an alternate England where magic was once practiced but has fallen into the realm of antiquarians and scholars, tells the tale of two magicians and magic’s revival. “6×60 series, based on the bestselling novel by Susanna Clarke and adapted by Peter Harness.