Salem will dedicate memorial at site of witch trial hangings

SALEM, Mass. — In an update to a previous story, the city of Salem has finished its memorial project dedicated to the people executed in its infamous witch trial hangings. It was July 19, 1692 that the first of three mass hangings took place; five people were killed including Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, and Sarah Wildes. Mayor Kim Driscoll chose this date to honor the victims and to dedicate the new memorial, located at Proctor’s Ledge where the actual hangings took place. As we reported last year, the hanging site has been ignored, forgotten, or left to speculation.

Researchers identify Salem Witch trial hanging site

SALEM, Mass — On Jan. 11, it was announced that researchers with the Gallows Hill Project had definitively identified where the 19 victims of the Salem Witch trials had been killed. Up until this point, the hanging site was ignored, forgotten or left to speculation. Many believed that the hangings actually occurred at the top of Gallows Hill. However, with renewed effort and current technology, the actual location is no longer a mystery.