Column: Peregrinautika, or Learning to Love Legislators

Pagan Perspectives

For any pet owner, having a beloved companion get lost or simply disappear is a worst-case scenario for that relationship. To many Pagans and polytheists, those relationships can take on spiritual or magical significance, making the pain of such a loss cut even deeper. In those cases where the animal’s fate is never discovered, questions and guilt can linger for years. This is the tale of an heroic cat, one whose fate would have been untold but for the gods. I: The Mists of Myrlyn
Myrlyn was a scrappy and strong cat, the sort of cat who thoroughly enjoyed human care and comfort but could easily slip into the wild, never to return.

PETA vs. Santeria and other Pagan News of Note

Top Story: Neighbors of Betty Marquez in Tracy, California, are upset that the practitioner of Santeria is holding religious gatherings and performing animal sacrifice at her home. Marquez, who is quick to point out that the animals are slaughtered humanely, and eaten afterwards, says she feels as if she is being harassed, while at least one neighbor is eager to prove he isn’t prejudiced by saying something that sounds pretty prejudiced. “We used to spend a lot of time in our yard, and now there’s bongos and loud singing, and we just don’t feel good about it anymore,” he said. “We’re not prejudiced. We’re very fair.