Dana Eilers 1956-2017

CAPE COD, Mass. — Dana Eilers, lawyer, Witch, and longtime civil rights advocate, died unexpectedly in her home Feb. 18. Eilers was known to many throughout the Pagan community by her outspoken political stances, her activity over social media, and the legal assistance and advice that she provided in support of religious freedom. Eilers was born Sept.

Religious Requirements to Hold Public Office?

It may not surprise anyone that the word “God,” “Almighty God,” or similar, is written into the constitution of all 50 states. In most cases, such words are found in the preambles and in the, often required, oaths of office. The mention of “God,” or the like, is used predominantly in reverent thanks or acknowledgment of a divine goodness. However, what most people do not realize is that eight of the states also include a religious component to a citizen’s eligibility to hold public office and, in two cases, to testify in court or serve on a jury. These states include Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.