Whistle-blowing Witch Fired and other Pagan News of Note

Top Story: msnbc.com reports on a Wiccan from Albany, New York, who claims she was harassed, treated differently, and ultimately fired from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) because of her faith. “Immediately after the complaint about casting spells, Smith’s personnel file started to bulge with disciplinary actions. A training coordinator wrote her up for having a negative attitude. A supervisor warned her for not properly checking a boarding pass. She was eight minutes late to work.

Tucker the Theologian

That lighthouse of religious tolerance Tucker Carlson, conservative pundit and host of “Tucker” on MSNBC, has shared his theological views on modern Pagans once again. This time he has described the religion of Wiccan lottery winner Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett as “Satanic”.”You’re saying basically the U.S. government is subsidizing some kind of devil worshiper, Satanism … That’s perfect.”For those with long memories, you may recall that Tucker’s disdain for Wicca is nothing new. Back in 2005 he had Christian author Catherine Sanders on to discuss her book “Wicca’s Charm”. “According to a 1986 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals, they are in the eyes of the First Amendment anyway practicing a real religion …