Quick Note: University of Nebraska Settles with Witch

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Update: University of Nebraska is Anti-Pagan?

A new small piece of information has trickled out concerning the alleged discriminatory firing of a University of Nebraska employee for being a Witch. According to an AP article run by WNCT in North Carolina, the woman identifies as part of Reclaiming. “The lawsuit, filed by a plaintiff identified as Jane Doe, states that she was hired in February 2007 and was satisfactory in her performance. But once her employer discovered she was a witch, the lawsuit says the “plaintiff was terminated from her position, and was replaced by a non-witch.“ The woman says in the lawsuit that she’s using a pseudonym to protect herself and her family from potential discrimination from the public or other employers. The lawsuit says, ‘Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft is her religion.'” As I said in my initial post on this matter, this looks like a legit grievance.

University of Nebraska is Anti-Pagan?

Looks like the University of Nebraska is going to be facing some bad publicity in the coming months. A resident of Lincoln Nebraska has filed a lawsuit against the university for allegedly firing her for being a Pagan.”The lawsuit was filed earlier this month by a plaintiff identified as Jane Doe. The filing says the woman, who practices witchcraft as her religion, was hired by the university in February 2007 to direct a youth program. She was fired when it was discovered that she was a witch.”Obviously some are going to be skeptical, what if she was simply fired for poor performance or incompetence? But according to the scant information provided so far, it looks like “Jane Doe” may have a substantial case here.”The woman has already filed a complaint with the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission, which ruled that her rights were violated because of religion discrimination.”If the NEOC says she has a case, then I very much doubt this is a frivolous action.