A Bit About Bones

So, as promised in my post on Sunday, I tuned into the Witch/Wiccan-themed episode of the television series Bones (I even tweeted my reactions in real time). While I’m usually pretty pessimistic about media portrayals of modern Paganism, I was cautiously optimistic this time since “The Witch in the Wardrobe” was penned by author and Bones creator Kathy Reichs, who has sympathetically tackled Wicca in her novels. So how was it? Well first off, it was nowhere near as bad as that really bad episode of The Mentalist, but it also wasn’t as good as that Simpsons episode. Here’s the plot, in a nutshell.

Polysectarian Monotheistic Prayer and other Pagan News of Note

Top Story: The issue of sectarian prayers before government meetings may be heading to the courts again, this time in Lancaster, California. After the ACLU of Southern California demanded that the Lancaster City Council stop having sectarian prayers before meetings, a local ballot initiative was overwhelmingly passed in support of the prayers. More than 75 percent of voters in the Antelope Valley city gave their OK Tuesday to Measure I, which sought public approval for officials to select clergy of different faiths to open meetings with invocations “without restricting the content based on their beliefs, including references to Jesus Christ.” But something being popular doesn’t make it constitutional, and even though the invocation process is supposed to be random, a legal fig-leaf to ward off lawsuits, the overwhelmingly Christian population of Lancaster has meant that most of the prayers have been to Jesus Christ. On top of this, recently re-elected Lancaster mayor Mayor R. Rex Parris made it abundandtly clear what sort of community he feels he is leading.

(Pagan) Pop-Culture Round-Up

Tracking Pagan themes in movies and television is a bit like waiting for the bus, nothing comes for a long time, then suddenly it seems like every show on TV has a Witch or Pagan in it. This past week was kind of like that, with three network television shows featuring (or about to feature) Witches or Pagan gods. Let’s take them order, shall we? First, the medical drama House, in this week’s episode “Knight Fall,” featured a renfaire knight with a mysterious ailment (naturally) and a predilection for Witchcraft. The Llewellyn Worldwide blog talks about how they provided some of the props.