Spoiler-Free Harry Potter Roundup!

The massive avalanche of Harry Potter purchases start at midnight tonight. While many of us in the Pagan community have tried to distance ourselves from the idea that Harry Potter = Paganism, that hasn’t stopped the press, editorialists, and assorted pundits (religious and secular) from throwing in their two cents about the “occult” and “pagan” themes within the books. “I absolutely did not start writing these books to encourage any child into witchcraft. I’m laughing slightly because to me, the idea is absurd. I have met thousands of children and not even one time has a child come up to me and said, ‘Ms Rowling, I’m so glad I’ve read these books because now I want to be a witch'” – J.K. RowlingSo here is a quick round-up of articles that are wild about Harry (or more accurately, wild about the theological implications of Harry) that mention Pagans, the occult, and the religious “message” of the books (plus: Wizard Rock interludes!).