How local Pagan communities celebrate Spring

As the United States warms up — in fits and starts — the Pagan festival scene follows suit. As April turns to May, the number of outdoor events starts to noticeably climb. A number of these early festivals are just one- or two-day affairs, suitable for those people within driving distance, as well as those who are not fond of long periods of camping. Here is a small sampling of these shorter community events that are being held in the coming month. Baelfire Gathering
In 2011, a solar eclipse followed by the dark of the moon was a sensational enough happening that a few people organized a viewing event at the Irish Cultural Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Celebrating the Festival Season

Festival season is now underway as the wheel turns and the weather continues to get warmer. Pagan and Heathen communities around the country are stepping outside for daylong, weekend long and even weeklong adventures and community-building. While the early festivals focus on a re-connection to the outdoors after months of cold weather; the midsummer events celebrate the high season of long days and hot sun; and the fall festivals welcome the harvest. Although festival season begins in earnest in May for most of the country, the state of Florida gets an early start due to its climate. Leading off in March are festivals such as the newly created Equinox in the Oaks, held near Ormond Beach, and Phoenix Phyre, held in Lakeland. Florida’s warm temperatures and sea breezes allow for comfortable camping in early Spring.