Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)

Unleash the Hounds is one of my longest running, and popular, features at The Wild Hunt. It is, in essence, a link roundup. A place where I find stories in the mainstream media concerning Paganism, occult practices, indigenous religions, and other topics of interest to our interconnected communities. The birth of this series came out of necessity, as more stuff is being written now than I could possible write about in-depth week-to-week. If you enjoy this feature, please take some time to make a donation to our Fall Funding Drive, so we can continue to bring you this, and other features, for another year.

The war against fluffy

Sunfell has a nice entry today about wrestling with our own fluffy demon and how to politely correct the fluffy behaviour of those around you. But, my non-Pagan lingo affiliated readers ask what is a fluffy bunny anyway? Also, as a bonus, for those interested in the complex inter-personal politics of the pagan community I give you a link to the Pagan hierarchy