A Trip Around the Pagan Blogosphere

Let’s check in on what’s happening around the Pagan blogosphere! The Fate of Fate: Chas Clifton at Letter From Hardscrabble Creek comments on the grim prospects of the classic metaphysical/Fortean magazine Fate. Once owned by Llewellyn Worldwide, and then sold to former employee, the magazine has gone from being a monthly, to bi-monthy, and now, it seems, PDF download only. “The magazine death pool is so close you can smell the fetid waters. Fate’s blog keeps putting up new entries, but discussion of the magazine’s own fate is oddly missing. The economics must be rough.

The Fate of Fate

The Minnesota Star Tribune does a charming profile of venerable UFO/occult/Fortean magazine Fate, interviewing editor Phyllis Galde about the magazine’s storied past and (somewhat uncertain) future. “At first glance, Fate looks like a pulp-era throwback, which, in many ways, it is. Even when the cover doesn’t feature an image recycled from a Cold War-heyday issue, Fate leaves a decidedly retro impression. While most magazines have become increasingly visual, Fate sticks with its small, type-heavy basic layout and reader-submitted mug shots. Fate was born in 1948 Chicago, the creation of former “Amazing Stories” editor Ray Palmer, who is said to have spun the first UFO hoax.