Is Ross Douthat Living in Dan Brown’s America?

I’m not a fan of Dan Brown’s writing. I think he’s something of a hack, who lucked out by stumbling onto a deep yearning to embrace the divine feminine. The films, thanks partly to director Ron Howard, are far more entertaining, excising much of the tiresome lecturing masquerading as prose in Brown’s novels. One of my only real pleasures in considering the influence of Brown’s career is how he seems to make conservative Catholics (and quite a few conservative Protestants) spend countless hours debunking a popular fiction writer. Enter conservative (Catholic) columnist Ross Douthat, who in his zeal to slam the co-existence of Jesus with Brown’s various New Age/heretical theories does his own sloppy research.

A Few Quick Items

A somewhat slow news day today, but there were a few things of interest. Starting off with an update on a story I mentioned in last week’s News of Note. It seems that the South African Air Force and Pagan chaplain Donna “Darkwolf” Vos have reached a settlement concerning her dismissal from a position she was initially hired for until they found out she was a Witch.”She applied for the position at Ysterplaat Air Force base in 2003. Vos claimed the colonel who interviewed her called Paganism a cult and said he could not “unleash” Vos on people. The two parties appeared in the Equality Court on Friday, where a settlement was reached, according to Vos.