Magic and conjuring arts come to Canadian university

OTTAWA, Ont. – Carleton University has announced that it is seeking an appropriate candidate to be the inaugural holder of the newly created Allan Slaight Chair for the Study of the Conjuring Arts. It will become part of the faculty of arts and social sciences. The university campus is located in Canada’s capitol city, Ottawa, alongside the picturesque Rideau River and historic Rideau Canal. It is also a short distance from Parliament Hill, the epicenter of Canadian federal government.

Support for college Pagans in Texas

SAN MARCOS, Texas –Talk about infrastructure in the Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist communities usually focuses on ideas like temples, property ownership, and charitable foundations, but what might be a bigger idea is coalescing in Texas. The Texas Alliance of Pagan Students, or TAPS, is intended to be a “parent” organization for college Pagan clubs throughout the state. It’s hoped that such a group can provide support and guidance to members of local student Pagan clubs, which by their nature have a high turnover in membership each year. Laura Jones, adviser for the Pagan Student Fellowship (PSF) of Texas State University in San Marcos, explained how TAPS came to be. The previous adviser [of PSF] was a lovely woman who agreed to “advise” the organization in order for it to be an official university student organization, and she was very proud of them, but also had very little time to give them.

Jesuit University in Chicago approves Pagan club

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In a move that has raised eyebrows — and some ire — in the online Catholic community, Loyola University of Chicago recognized a student group that promotes Paganism. The club was approved by the university’s student government, a step which is necessary in many colleges to become eligible for funding and for the use of school buildings, not the school’s administration. When the administration became aware of its existence, the club was told to remove “Pagan” from its name. Administrators were apparently unaware of the new club until the story was picked up by the national news site The College Fix. That’s the story as told by club founder and president Jill Kreider:
I started the club in the hopes of letting people know that there are Pagan students on campus.

Spiritual Advisor for Pagan Students Appointed at University of Chicago

The Reverend Angie Buchanan, Founder and Director of Earth Traditions, and former Board of Trustees member of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, has been appointed as a Spiritual Advisor for Pagan students at the University of Chicago through Rockefeller Chapel. The chapel is the “the spiritual and ceremonial center of the University of Chicago,” and this appointment represents a major advance towards recognizing and serving the spiritual needs of Pagan students at college campuses. Here’s a statement sent to me by Rev. Buchanan on her appointment. “I am pleased to announce my new appointment as the Spiritual Advisor for Pagan students at University of Chicago, through Rockefeller Chapel. I look forward to working with the student body to help them celebrate and deepen their path.