Pope Criticizes Paganism in Encyclical on Love & Charity

I was going to write about a prominent Ukrainian Pagan politician that was hit (and killed) by lightning, but it looks like I’m going to have to address Pope Benedict XVI’s latest encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, instead. It’s no secret that Benedict has a special dislike of “paganism” and anything that may even hint at theologically destabilizing the Church’s patriarchal hierarchy (like feminist theology), he’s described pre-Christian gods as “questionable” and unable to provide hope, and engaged in a kind of Holocaust revisionism by saying that Nazi-ism was born of “neo-paganism”, but these were only indirect criticisms of modern manifestations of Pagan religion. Now, he’s directly addressing modern Paganisms in his latest encyclical. “…it is contrary to authentic development to view nature as something more important than the human person. This position leads to attitudes of neo-paganism or a new pantheism — human salvation cannot come from nature alone, understood in a purely naturalistic sense…”