“Whiting 41” use hearing to protest Trump picks

HAMMOND, Ind. –Eight months after 41 protestors were arrested for trespassing at a BP Oil facility in Whiting, Indiana, the so-called “Whiting 41” had to appear in court Jan. 13 to accept their plea bargains. Pagan blogger John Halstead took part in that 2016 demonstration, as we previously reported, and was eager to assist fellow activists turn this 2017 moment into a larger action. The video included below is one of several taken during the Jan.

Pagans break free, risking arrest to protest climate change

TWH — May 2016 has been punctuated by a series of worldwide climate-action protests organized under the name Break Free. These actions have been focused on ending the practice of using non-renewable fossil fuels for energy. The Wild Hunt spoke with John Halstead and Margaret Human, two Pagans who participated in this week’s Break Free protests. While both Halstead and Human were focused on the same goal, their experiences leading up to and during the actions were very different.  A retired person in her 70s, Human is open about her Paganism, but she doesn’t write, teach, or promote her beliefs other than to gather with like-minded people in various locations near her home in the Hudson Valley.