Beyoncé, the latest female singer to be accused of Witchcraft: an analysis

TWH – Singer and songwriter Beyoncé is the latest star to be accused of Witchcraft. News stories published by online media sources and tabloids explain that former drummer Kimberly Thompson is suing the singer for using “extreme Witchcraft” to control her and her finances. The reports also state that the ex-band member claims that Beyoncé used dark magic to stage a campaign of harassment against her. Beyoncé has not made a public statement in response, and Thompson was denied the requested restraining order. However, now Beyoncé joins a long list of other female performers who have been accused of Witchcraft for one reason or another.

Column: Oshun on the Altar of Pop Culture

With the her announcement of twins and her recent Grammy performance, Beyoncé has become the center of media attention once again. Not only is Queen Bey trending this week, but she has been trending throughout the entire month of February. With her Instagram announcement of her pregnancy Feb 1, Beyoncé broke the record for the picture earning most likes on the social media platform with 2.4 million likes in one hour. As is usual, the fans and the haters are all over the interwebs weighing in on the topic. With all the hype about what’s next for Beyoncé and the loud group of people vocalizing how much they do not care, I couldn’t help but focus on the strong spiritual significance of the imagery on display.

Column: Lemonade, Spirituality and #BlackGirlMagic

Ice cold lemonade on a warm sunny day can be one of the most enjoyable moments in an otherwise complex world. This is often the concept that comes up for me when thinking about great summertime drinks and refreshing moments of bliss created by what is notoriously sour. On April 23, 2016, Beyoncé released her video album, Lemonade. Not only did she capitalize on that analogy, but she also used an intense combination of imagery, music, poetry, and Black Girl Magic to do it. The hour long video premiered on HBO for 24 hours, showcasing the incredible musicality of one of today’s largest and fiercest performers.