Gwydion’s Throne Stolen from Pagan Temple at Annwfn

It was discovered this past week that a sacred and beloved item was stolen from the Church of all Worlds (CAW) temple at the Annwfn Sanctuary in Mendocino County, California. The missing object is a large antique wooden chair that has been at the Pagan sanctuary since its founding in 1977. Upholstered with fabrics inspired by the famous Unicorn Tapestries, the treasured chair once belonged to the late Pagan Bard and Annwfn founder, Gwydion Pennderwen. Oberon Zell, founder of the Church of All Worlds, remarked, “I don’t know what to say. That was Gwydion’s favorite chair and the only chair on Annwfn until the Goat Lodge was built and furnished.”  He described it as “a masters chair” or “Gwydion’s throne.”

COG’s Grand Council: Witches Coming to Consensus

Starting with an invocation to the organization’s matron deity Coventina, the Covenant of the Goddess (COG) began their two-day annual business meeting, known as the Grand Council. Held during their yearly MerryMeet festival, this year in Indianapolis, the Grand Council is an exercise in how a mature Pagan organization perpetuates itself and makes important policy decisions. On their 35th anniversary, this respected institution for those who practice various forms of religious Witchcraft faces issues dealing with  stagnation, communication, and their own success. The Grand Council is something unique. All decisions are made by consensus, and representatives from local regional councils, member covens, and solitary members get a say before anything can move forward.