The Wild Hunt’s 2015 Winter Solstice Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Solstice gift for your favorite Pagan, Heathen, or Polytheist? The Wild Hunt’s 2015 Winter Solstice Gift Guide, with expert advice, reviews and recommendations for the latest movies, books, gifts and treats can help. If you find something you like, just click on the photo to find more information or to purchase the product.*
Astral Calendar – This calendar was designed for people to get more connected to a genuine solar year, even if they know little or nothing about astrology. Each zodiac month features a nude montage by Jean Jacques Andrè, an artist and photographer who has been creating with the female form since the 1950s. It also includes the Celtic holidays, eclipses, and the new & full moons–although the main focus is on the sun’s (earth’s) annual cycle.

A.J. Drew and the Frosts Effigy Update

[This is part one of a two-part series that will update you on the fallout of A.J. Drew’s decision to “sacrifice” Gavin and Yvonne Frost in effigy at his “International Real Witches Ball”. Part two tomorrow will deal directly with the issue of the Frosts’ writing, and what to do about pedophilia, and writings that the community feels supports pedophilia. All comments are being moderated, so please be civil.]

When Wiccan author and event organizer A.J. Drew announced a couple months ago that he planned to “sacrifice” an effigy of Church and School of Wicca founders Gavin and Yvonne Frost, few could have predicted the level of controversy and fallout that would occur from it. While trying to combat the spread of pedophilia and abuse is a noble thing, it seems Drew’s tactics concerning the Frosts and their literature have polarized the community, burned a few bridges, and created a situation where former colleagues of Drew’s have abandoned him (and then been savaged as supporters of the Frosts). “How many more will befriend these monsters?