Death as a rite of passage

During the season of Samhain in the northern hemisphere, TWH talks with Rev. Angie Buchanon about death midwifery and dying a “good death.”

World Goddess Day: women speak out

TWH –World Goddess Day, the event started by Brazilian author Claudiney Prieto in 2014, will fall on Sept. 3 this year. “The goal of the World Goddess Day project is to grant to the Goddess one day of visibility to share her many myths, stories and worshiping diversity, so everyone will remember or will realize that the first religion of humanity was the worship of the Goddess,” according to the web site. Some of the goddess-focused events already planned for this day can be found on Facebook, and those interested are invited to volunteer as local coordinators. The inclusion of the sacred feminine in Pagan religions is why many women were drawn to them in the first place.

Teaching religion in public schools

CHICAGO, Ill. — Chicago Pagan Pride coordinator Twila York and Rev. Angie Buchanan, founder of Earth Traditions and Gaia’s Womb, were recently invited into a local public high school classroom to share a bit about their religious practice and beliefs.* The teacher contacted York through the Greater Chicago Pagan Pride website, and after a brief email conversation, she was asked to present to a world religions class. York enlisted Buchanan’s assistance, and together they offered two forty-minute sessions on Paganism. Buchanan told The Wild Hunt, “It was explained that these students for the most part had no knowledge of Paganism at all, which was reinforced by the question we asked when we first arrived in the class. ‘How many of you are familiar with Paganism or know someone who identifies as that or Wiccan or Druid?’

Why the Parliament Can Save the World (news, wrap-up & editorial)

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions is now over. As you have heard both here and in other places, the event, which began on Thursday, Oct 15, ended this past Monday, Oct 19.

Countdown to the Parliament of the World Religions 2015

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SALT LAKE, Utah — In one week, thousands of people from all over the world will descend on Salt Lake City to participate in the Parliament of the World Religions.