Terence P Ward

1044071_10151574199115326_1360184628_nTerence P Ward realized he was Pagan after he bought his own copy of Drawing Down the Moon in 1988. At about the same time, he learned that he was much better at getting his point across in writing than in person. It was years before he did anything with either piece of knowledge.

Terence’s religious practices have ranged widely within the Pagan realms.  He has been bound to a Wiccan coven; communed with the Earth as a backpacking Pagan; raised energy around fires with a number of loosely-organized collections of people and been tapped by the Olympian gods to pay them honor. He is a polytheist with pantheistic and monistic sympathies with an animist approach to the world, a respect for his ancestors, and a surprisingly regular habit of attending Quaker meetings for worship.  A member of the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus and Pan, he is studying and preparing to keep a temple for Poseidon as his priest.

After several attempts at writing short and long fiction with mixed results, the Great Recession gave Terence an opportunity to discover a skill in local news reporting. He began writing for print newspapers in 2009, finding his most reliable source of income in an industry that some pundits have already declared dead. Journalism also keeps his sense of pragmatism busy, so he can occasionally sneak out and dance around a fire. More often the sense of pragmatism wins out anyway, and keeps him home practicing his knitting.

Terence is deeply interested in the spiritual aspects of money, from intentional spending and voluntary poverty to coin divination and gambling as an offering.  He hopes to publish his first book in 2016; Depth of Praise will be a collection of devotional prayers to Poseidon.  Terence is also the editor for the upcoming Bibliotheca Alexandrina compilation First and Last:  a Devotional for Hestia.

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